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Taggd, a PeopleStrong Recruitment Solutions brand, is India’s leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider with 100+ clients across 14+ sectors and managing permanent talent recruitment for over half a million jobs. Taggd combines the power of data and human knowledge to bring advanced talent acquisition and digital hiring (RPO) solutions that change how business work and deliver.

what makes taggd different

Over the years, Taggd has developed business understanding, recruitment expertise, talent network access, data intelligence and access to a robust tech stack to deliver business gains. Some of leading enterprise customers of Taggd include Wipro, Honeywell, Mahindra & Mahindra, Renault Nissan amongst other national and multi-national brands. Nelson Hall, one of the leading global analyst firms rated us amongst leaders in the RPO NEAT Matrix.

our partners

  • America, Europe and Middle East

    The world’s leading provider of global talent acquisition and management solutions.

  • APAC and Australia

    With 1700 employers across 19 countries in APAC and recruitment of 40,000 people, we transacted USD 1.2 million in payroll and compliance.

  • India

    Wheebox is the fastest growing Talent Assessment Company, helping clients globally to find the right talent for right roles.

our leadership team

Devashish Sharma
Founding Member & President
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Manish Gupta
Chief Growth Officer
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Vishal Bhardwaj
Chief Customer Success
full profile
Anshuman Srivastava
Chief Customer Success
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Kamakshi Pant
Vice President Strategy and Marketing
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Vivek Sethi
Vice President, Product
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Amit Jain
Vice President, HR
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our advisory board

Devashish Sharma
Founding Member & President
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Pankaj Bansal
Co-founder & CEO PeopleStrong
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Sandeep Chaudhury
President and Board Member
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our journey


  • 4 time winners in a row of the HRO Today Awards

  • PeopleStrong rated as 2014 MPHRO Market Star Performer in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix

  • Rated amongst Leaders in Nelson Hall’s NEAT matrix

  • Entrepreneur of the Year in Services Business - Recruitment & HR

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