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Decoding Jobs | The Think Tank 2021 |BFSI Industry| Ep-5

BFSI sector has been one of the top sectors that have registered an upswing in hiring for the last three years, according to the India Skills Report 2020. This job-growth was largely driven by the massive digital transformation undertaken by the sector. Will the BSFI sector continue to be the job-creation engine in the post-pandemic era? What changes are the companies bringing to the workforce and the workplace to stay ahead of the game? Which are the most in-demand roles and which are the roles that will disappear in the sector?

Our pursuit to unfold the job landscape continues one sector at a time! In the 5th session of the all exciting #DecodingJobs #ThinkTankSeries2021 in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry and Sunstone Eduversity, talent leaders from across #BFSI sector shared their experience and learnings.

The session moderated by Vishal Bhardwaj touched upon various subjects from the sector outlook, to changing talent needs, upskilling and reskilling directive, managing productivity and talent engagement in times of work from home and much more! Here are few highlights from the session:

– Work from anywhere culture is here to stay in the sector
– Organizations will need to calibrate and learn what’s an optimum work from office strength
– Need for outcome enabling leaders in the space
– Tech investments to continue to be a priority

The findings and learning from this roundtable will be included in a report which we will be published at the Decoding Jobs 2021 Annual Summit, to be held on the 11th of February 2021.

About the initiative:

Decoding Jobs Annual Summit is the flagship Taggd (by PeopleStrong) initiative where the world of jobs across various industries can be deciphered and decoded with the help of and for the entire ecosystem – The Government, Industry, and Academia. As part of this initiative, we conduct the following under the as a part of the Decoding Jobs initiative.

  • Decoding Jobs Think Tank Series
  • India Hiring Survey
  • India Skills Report and Decoding Jobs Sectoral Dossiers


Decoding Jobs | The Think Tank 2021 |BFSI Industry| Ep-5

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