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Decoding Jobs | The Think Tank 2021 | Internet Business Industry | Ep-6

Indian internet business and start-up ecosystem are one of the fastest growing in the world. While the COVID-19 pandemic may have put this sector on a slow-track in for some months, there are optimistic signs that internet businesses will be in forefront of employment generation in the future. More than 53 per cent of technology startups in India are now expecting their revenue to reach the pre-Covid level in less than six months, according to the second Startup Pulse Survey by Nasscom

Most Indian start-ups continue to grow despite COVID-19. In fact, four start-ups emerged as unicorns amidst the pandemic. From managing volatility induced by COVID-19 to redefining workplace, culture, future of skills and jobs, the talent leaders from leading start-ups discussed it all at Taggd’s #DecodingJobs #ThinkTankSeries 2021, held in collaboration with the CII and Sunstone Eduversity.

The sixth session hosted by Anshuman Srivastava was a host to several internet businesses from across industries. While the challenges faced by the talent leaders were not very different, the leaders approached the crisis in their unique way to ensure business continuity. Here are a few highlights of the discussion:

  • Digital skills such as data, AI, product management, cloud architects will be in high demand across technology startups
  • While onset of COVID-19 made the business environment volatile, startups in sectors such as edtech, healthtech, SAAS, and ecommerce continued to attract
  • Employee first attitude (wellbeing, communication, internal transfers, etc.) helped not only in employee retention but also attraction
  • Start-ups had to ramp up the workforce as per the requirement while ensuring cost optimization


About the initiative:

Decoding Jobs Annual Summit is the flagship Taggd (by PeopleStrong) initiative where the world of jobs across various industries can be deciphered and decoded with the help of and for the entire ecosystem – The Government, Industry, and Academia. As part of this initiative, we conduct the following under the as a part of the Decoding Jobs initiative.

  • Decoding Jobs Think Tank Series
  • India Skills Hiring Survey


Decoding Jobs | The Think Tank 2021 | Internet Business Industry | Ep-6

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