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Decoding Jobs | The Think Tank 2021 | IT Industry | Ep-4

Jobs have been a big casualty of the Covid-19 pandemic. But even in this environment, some sectors are doing much better than the others. Indian IT services sector has demonstrated its resilience and ability to make hay even when the sun isn’t shining, yet again during the current crisis. But will the sector continue to significantly add to its existing large and strong workforce every year?

All new season of Taggd’s Decoding Jobs Think Tank Series 2021 in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry and Sunstone Eduversity got together with the talent leaders sector to understand, share and learn about the changing talent and job landscape from the IT/ITES sector lens.

The fourth session hosted by Anshuman Srivastava was very insightful and engaging. The leaders engaged in dialogue covering a myriad of topics from how the companies redefined engagement parameters in response to the crisis, managing multi-country talent and skill requirement and adoption of different talent models.

Here are a few takeaways from the discussion:
– Mobility of talent within the organization is important to manage this change and be future-ready
– Upskilling and Re-skilling is paramount
– Substantial reduction in attrition is witnessed this year
– Availability of talent has improved with virtual operations with no location constraint

The findings and learning from this roundtable will be included in a report which we will be published at the Decoding Jobs 2021 Annual Summit, to be held on the 11th of February 2021.

About the initiative:

Decoding Jobs Annual Summit is the flagship Taggd (by PeopleStrong) initiative where the world of jobs across various industries can be deciphered and decoded with the help of and for the entire ecosystem – The Government, Industry, and Academia. As part of this initiative, we conduct the following under the as a part of the Decoding Jobs initiative.

  • Decoding Jobs Think Tank Series
  • India Hiring Survey
  • India Skills Report and Decoding Jobs Sectoral Dossiers


Decoding Jobs | The Think Tank 2021 | IT Industry | Ep-4

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