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Decoding Jobs | The Think Tank 2021 | Manufacturing and Engineering Industry | Ep-7

Indian manufacturing and heavy engineering sector are at a cusp of a massive change driven by industrial revolution 4.0 and the pandemic. Currently, India is a potential manufacturing powerhouse that can power its growth and become an alternative to China. While the onset of the pandemic has hurt the manufacturing and heavy engineering sector in the short-run, it has opened a myriad of opportunities in the long run.

As the sector shows signs of recovery in Q2 of 2020, we are all prepared to catch up with talent leaders from leading companies in the sector to decode the talent and job landscape.

The penultimate session of the Taggd’s #DecodingJobs #ThinkTankSeries20201 in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry and Sunstone Eduversity was a host to very experienced and seasoned talent leaders from the manufacturing and engineering sector.

The discussion moderated by Anshuman Srivastava dwelled upon how these large set-ups converted risks to options and opportunities. They also shared insights on the changing skill and job landscape of the manufacturing sector in the wake of disruptions induced by industrial revolution 4.0 and the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few highlights from the session:

– Pandemic made it possible for manufacturing companies to explore and adopt digital solutions
– Trust in employees and distributed leadership supported the path to revival and sustenance
– Continuous experimentation to identify the best possible solutions to reduce the impact on efficiency and capacity
– Access to talent has increased, which will push for modularisation in manufacturing

About the initiative:

Decoding Jobs Annual Summit is the flagship Taggd (by PeopleStrong) initiative where the world of jobs across various industries can be deciphered and decoded with the help of and for the entire ecosystem – The Government, Industry, and Academia. As part of this initiative, we conduct the following under the as a part of the Decoding Jobs initiative.

  • Decoding Jobs Think Tank Series
  • India Skills Hiring Survey
  • Decoding Jobs Sectoral Dossiers


Decoding Jobs | The Think Tank 2021 | Manufacturing and Engineering Industry | Ep-7

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