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Career Circles Live | Ep 02 – Empowering Recruitment

30th April, 2022


Today, recruiting has become more challenging than it’s ever been. To close one job opening, recruiters work tirelessly to source anywhere between 10 – 20 candidate profiles on an average. At the same time, most often than not, recruiters also hear hiring managers talk about the “Lack of qualified candidates…”

Are you also facing this challenge?

You can NOW access quality, workplace-ready talent for domains such as digital marketing, analytics, full stack development, inside sales, financial analysis, risk analysis, credit analysis, banking and financial services, insurance, market research, and more.


Rahul Khurana

Assistant Vice President, RPO, Taggd

Nitin Kapoor

DVP - Training and Development, Sunstone Eduversity

Abhishek Banerjee

Vice President - Student outcomes (Training and placements), Sunstone Eduversity

who can participate?

In House Recruiter

Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Coordinator

what will you learn

Network with Academia for future sourcing avenues

Access quality talent in Full stack development, Data Science, Digital Marketing, and more

Build your own talent pool of curated quality candidates

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