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Kamakshi Pant

Vice President Strategy and Marketing

Kamakshi is Vice President, Strategy and Marketing at Taggd by PeopleStrong. In her current role, she is responsible for designing and executing the growth and business strategy and special projects for Taggd in collaboration with the Executive Team. In addition to this, she leads the Marketing and Branding initiatives of Taggd and is responsible for enabling the growth of Taggd through differentiated brand positioning, digital marketing, and thought leadership.

Prior to taking up this role, Kamakshi lead marketing for PeopleStrong globally and was instrumental in driving the transformation of the company to be the largest HR Tech brand in Asia. She was able to drive both brand strategy and revenue marketing, to deliver business impact in this role.

Creating a Brand’s Identity and bringing it to life through detailed execution is one of her key interest areas. And in the last 8 years, she has been able to walk through this journey for over 7+ brands across Taggd and PeopleStrong.

Kamakshi is a music and art enthusiast and in her free time loves experimenting with them.

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