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5 hiring trends to reinvent your recruiting strategy today!

The emerging code of work, fuelled by the pandemic, calls for a cohesive, transparent, and digital ecosystem to streamline talent acquisition and promote employee satisfaction.

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Money Heist: A lesson for people managers

Taking inspiration from the popular show, HRs can enhance productivity by strategically planning agile goals, forming cohesive teams with defined key roles, and by providing decision empowerment.

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How HRs can get inspiration from RJs in the virtual workplace?

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What leading HR heads say about landing your dream job during the coronavirus pandemic

Upskilling to the industry standards and communication have gained prominence for recruiters. Companies are focussing more on the candidate's self development initiatives.

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White-collar jobs and that sinking feeling

As the pain from covid-19 intensifies, the higher layers of India’s job pyramid are facing the heat. Moreover, as variable pay disappears, a few organizations are delaying a part of their fixed compensation and transforming into a gig workforce.

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Silver lining for jobseekers as edtech, pharma, e-commerce, logistics sectors to continue hiring

With the government unlocking India, various companies have upped their hiring to accommodate the demand boom for their products and services. This has opened up plethora of opportunities for job seekers looking for a stable income.

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Cautious hiring for India Inc in 2020: Report

According to India Skills Report 2020, 56% of employers are likely to increase hiring, although net hiring outlook declined from previous year.

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Insights on India’s talent landscape as it gears up for a $5 trillion economy: India Skills Report 2020

The seventh edition of India Skills Report (2020), was launched recently. Key findings include that 56 percent of employers are likely to increase hiring next year; e-commerce and BFSI will lead hiring.

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Covid-19 Impact: Companies looking to raise Variable Pay Component

As a response to the Covid-19 crisis, certain organisations are looking at a pay structure realignment with an increase in the variable component in salaries, particularly of those in middle and senior management, in order to link compensation more to performance.

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