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Tech hiring has gone up in auto companies: MG Motor India

By Business Today

May 4, 2022


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With cars becoming more software-driven, once distinct fields of technology and auto are merging like never before. One of the biggest implications of CASE (connected, autonomous, shared and electric) for the auto sector has been on hiring and re-skilling front. “It’s a very challenging area. We need to have tech-minded people irrespective of the age. Hiring of younger talent has gone up. Most people working on our connected car side are 25-year-olds. That hiring has gone up and their training has become more difficult,” Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director, MG Motor India told Business Today.

According to Taggd's annual Decoding Jobs Industry Sectoral Reports 2022, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are focusing on hiring employees that exhibit advanced digital skills to meet the need created by sustainability, digitisation and urbanisation, in the automobile sector. “In terms of job creation and demand, there is a shift from mechanical and automobile engineers towards employing data scientists, technology specialists, analysts, electronic and electrical engineers,” said the report.

Chaba is preparing for the young buyer. “It’s very clear that younger generation is coming into the market and they're the smartphone generation. For the, things like touchscreen and Wi-Fi are a must. After, TV, laptop/computer and smartphone, car screen is the fourth screen for the consumer and they want to have seamless experience across these screens,” he said. He added that car as a platform/service is the future. “This means that we can start doing a lot of add-on services like food delivery, for example, from the car itself,” he said.

Carmakers say that autonomous technology in the future will not only help people move more efficiently but can also be used to make the drive much safer. “Connectivity will help add more services to the car’s screen. These kind of safety and connected features will be a standard in cars that cost Rs 20 lakh and above. Tech is evolving at a much faster pace that anyone would have imagined especially in India,” he said.

On the EV side, he adds, it will be much more disruptive. “You should be able to get battery as a service. Software is going to be a big differentiator and all major automotive players are investing a lot on the software side and there will be a lot of collaboration with like-minded players because the capex requirement is so huge that one cannot do it on their own,” he said.

MG Motor India, he adds, does collaborations at three levels: global collaborations with battery partners and software companies, collaborations at India-level with companies like SAP, Adobe, Bosch, Cognizant, etc. which help it in developing local relationships and execute better on Indian MG cars. “We collaborate and one more level with the start-ups. We’ve worked with at least 500 tech start-ups. Technology is the only way forward. There are lot of examples where established companies couldn’t cope up with the technology. Nobody can take the future for granted,” he said.