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Did you know the IT sector employs over 4.6 million people of the 100 million organized workforce?

IT Hiring Intent for 2021

The India hiring intent survey 2021 put forth the hiring intent of 200+ employees, of which 10% constituted the IT sector. Of all the companies surveyed from adverse range of industries, 46 percent reflected a positive intent towards hiring while only 17 percent remained negative in their hiring attitude. A significant 37 percent reflected no change in their hiring intent as it was expected to function as usual in the financial year 2021-22.

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No. of Hiring done (Annually)


Niche Skills or Senior Positions


Candidate Satisfaction Score


Days to Fill (Req. to Offer) blended across verticals and functions

Types of Business Catered


Business Applications





Key Roles Hired

Java Developers

Full Stack Developers

Dev Ops

Data Modeler


UI/UX Developers

Data Scientists & Researchers

Big Data

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