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"We provide you with a 360-degree Taggd Enriched Candidate Profile Profile which details vital candidate information with a Taggd Score (t. score), that would have otherwise taken weeks to unravel and validate.

Taggd is the only digital hiring platform with Ready-To-Hire Candidates that cuts down your hiring cycle from months to days."

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Every Taggd Enriched Candidate Profile comes with interview feedback, video resume, social footprint checks, identity checks, assessments, and much more...

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Words that make our day

Kelly (Thyne) Pratt

VP-Talent Acquisition

BIG THANK YOU to the Taggd team for your dedication to excel by driving diversity, filling critical roles, attracting the best talent, onboarding with success, and the list goes on. You are all STARS at Taggd !!!

Rajeshwar Tripathi

Mahindra & Mahindra

We are glad to have had an alliance with Team Taggd as a co-creator since 2013. Taggd has re-engineered our hiring process in the technological domain and helped us in attracting the right kind of talent.

Ravindra Kumar G.P

Tata Motors

Taggd has made a sizeable contribution in reinventing the hiring game at Tata Motors since 2015. Their recruitment team has a good understanding of the domain, industry best practices, our requirements examines.

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Want to know more?

What do you mean by Taggd enriched profile?

Taggd Talent Advisors work with every candidate to understand and gauge their skills around various parameters including functional, technical, and behavioral along with some mandatory checks. The result will be a comprehensive Taggd Enriched profile which provides 90% of data sufficiency needed by employers to make the hiring decision.

What do you mean by Taggd Score (t. score)?

Taggd AI-powered proprietary scoring model applies data science and human knowledge to generate dynamic t. score after scoring the candidate for each stage as per the job requirements. T. Score is given in percentage. Higher the t. score for any job higher are your chances to be chosen by the employer. t. score will be part of Taggd enriched profile and can vary as per the job role or industry.

How Taggd can help in searching for best talent?

We automate sourcing at scale so that you don't have to spend hours getting tired needlessly, searching for the right candidates. The Taggd algorithm does the sorting for you and that's why most employers who subscribe to Taggd for hiring.

How is T. score calculated?

AI-powered, Taggd platform’s proprietary scoring model applies data science and human knowledge to generate dynamic t. score after assessing the candidate at various stages and mapping the same to the job requirements entered by the employer.

How Taggd Platform is different from Job Boards?

The Taggd platform collaborates with various job boards to source candidates. It also helps in benchmarking candidate skills through thorough assessment by subject matter experts.

How will the Taggd platform help in reducing the Time-to-hire?

On an average, any hiring process starting from job requisition to offer rollout may take 25-30 days. However, Taggd platforms provide pre-screened candidates who have completed behavioural & technical assessments, given multiple interviews to various subject matter experts, and have submitted basic necessary documents. The completion of these steps reduces the time to hire from 30-35 days to 3-4 days thus reducing the Time-to-hire.

What is the use of AI in hiring?

AI in hiring allows employers to automate tedious and time-consuming aspects of the hiring process. It allows employers to speed up their recruitment process and make data-driven decisions to source the best talent for a given role.

How Taggd leverages AI in hiring?

Tagged leverage AI in hiring to identify the right fit for a particular position from a talent pool of pre-screened, pre-interviewed, and read-to-hire candidates. Our AI-powered platform enables a faster, unbiased selection process and improves the candidate experience. It helps increase the accuracy of a business's hiring decisions by providing an enriched candidate profile.

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