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Decoding Jobs 2023 India Report

The Indian job market is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and the recent recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this transformation. However, the Decoding Jobs Hiring Intent Survey 2023 suggests that the pace of hiring in India in 2023 will be slower compared to the previous year, reflecting a cautiously optimistic outlook of organizations. Despite this, key sectors like automotive, BFSI, manufacturing, and engineering are expected to drive the job market in India.

The Decoding Jobs India Report 2023 is a comprehensive guide to the latest hiring trends in India, challenges, and best practices in the Indian job market. This report provides in-depth insights into the key metrics and strategies for successful talent management and acquisition. Whether you’re an organization looking to attract and retain top talent, or an individual seeking employment, this report has everything you need to know about the employment outlook for 2023.

In this report, you’ll discover the industries that are poised for growth. Get ready to uncover the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the Indian job market in 2023.

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Did you know

India reports a 20% positive rate of hiring in 2023.

Sneak Peak

The projections state that employers in 2023 are focused on creating efficient and effective working solutions which take into account more inclusive workspaces, irrespective of the industry or vertical. Most employers share similar goals and values in terms of offering a culturally adept workplace where productivity can be optimized and employees have access to work-life.

Top skills in demand:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Cybersecurity

  • Digital Marketing

  • UX Designers

  • Cloud Computing & Risk Management

  • Data & Business Analytics

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