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Healthy Hiring: 5 Proven Tips to Attract Niche Talent in Pharma Industry

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By Taggd Editorial Team

October 22, 2023


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The pharmaceutical sector, a USD 65 billion powerhouse with a 2% contribution to India’s GDP, has emerged as a vital driver of global healthcare. 

With 2.5 million employees and a 16% expected rise in hiring intent for 2023, the importance of the pharmaceutical industry has soared in recent years, notably during the pandemic.

As the industrial pharmacy market continues to grow at a remarkable rate, the demand for specialized talent is higher than ever before. 

The top skills in demand in this dynamic sector encompass project planning, specialization, strategic thinking, management, and compliance knowledge. 

Additionally, there is a continued focus on data science, API, AI/ML, and R&D, reflecting the industry’s evolving landscape.

To help pharmaceutical companies successfully attract and retain niche talent in this competitive environment, here are five effective strategies tailored to the unique demands of the industry.

Talent Acquisition Strategy: 5 Proven Tips to Attract Niche Talent in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. Cultivating Early Relationships and Proactive Engagement

Building bridges with universities and students before graduation is more than a strategic move; it’s a game-changer. 

By immersing potential candidates in your organizational ethos early on, you create a robust talent pipeline primed to make immediate contributions. 

This approach not only familiarizes students with your brand but also allows you to showcase the wealth of opportunities within your ranks.

In addition to university collaborations, you should actively engage with qualified candidates as top-tier candidates often do not actively pursue job openings with pharmaceutical manufacturers, but are nonetheless receptive to the right offer. Pharmacy recruitment strategies that emphasize leveraging professional networks, active participation in industry events, and reaching out to qualified candidates position you ahead of the curve and help in onboarding top talent.

  1. Insightful Adaptation to Candidate Needs

A nuanced approach to talent acquisition strategy for pharmaceutical manufacturers and other pharma companies is paramount in today’s multifaceted job market. 

Understanding and accommodating candidates’ specific needs, whether it’s the freedom to work remotely, flexible schedules, or personalized benefits, showcases your adaptability and empathy. 

Tailoring your recruitment process to resonate with these needs not only differentiates you from competitors but also solidifies your position as an employer of choice.

  1. Harnessing AI for Streamlined Talent Acquisition Strategy

Artificial intelligence (AI) stands as the linchpin of efficient talent acquisition for the industrial pharmacy sector. Nearly 44% of HR professionals have integrated AI into their recruitment and hiring efforts.

Guided by robust data analytics, AI-driven strategies streamline the recruitment journey, ensuring swift identification and onboarding of the most suitable candidates. 

The fusion of AI technology with human insights creates a dynamic synergy, enhancing the precision of candidate evaluation. 

At Taggd, we leverage AI to transform the hiring process, guaranteeing that companies discover the ideal candidates from our meticulously selected talent pool, comprising pre-screened, pre-interviewed, and job-ready individuals.

Our dedicated Talent Advisors collaborate closely with candidates, evaluating their skills across diverse parameters. They create comprehensive Taggd Enriched profiles, which offer employers 90% of the essential data required to make well-informed hiring decisions instantly.

  1. Crafting Exceptional Compensation and Benefits Packages

Attracting and retaining exceptional talent necessitates more than conventional compensation packages. 

To stand out in the fiercely competitive pharmaceutical landscape, it’s crucial to conduct comprehensive market research. This ensures your salary and benefits packages not only meet industry standards but also eclipse them. 

Traditional perks such as health insurance and retirement plans are just the tip of the iceberg. Consider innovative incentives and performance-based bonuses that elevate your company’s appeal. 

Offering a package that goes above and beyond expectations marks your organization as a prime destination for top-notch professionals.

  1. Cultivating a Distinctive Company Culture and Elevating Your Employer Brand

Reports suggest that 46% of job seekers place great importance on a company’s culture when deciding to apply for a job. Thus, clearly defining your unique company culture and bolstering your employer brand showcases your organization’s identity. 

It provides potential candidates with an authentic glimpse into what sets you apart from the other pharma companies. 

This, in turn, not only attracts but also retains talent, making your organization an irresistible choice for those seeking professional advancement and a meaningful, fulfilling career.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, the ability to attract and retain niche talent remains a critical determinant of success. As the demands for specialized skills continue to surge, finding the right talent has become more challenging than ever. Leveraging expert strategies is key to staying ahead in this competitive arena.

At Taggd, we understand the intricacies of the pharmaceutical sector and its unique talent requirements. Our tailored approach, powered by AI-driven insights and a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s dynamics, ensures that we connect you with the most qualified and suitable candidates. With our enriched talent pool and dedicated Talent Advisors, we guarantee that your hiring needs are met seamlessly and efficiently.

Elevate your recruitment game and unlock the potential of your organization with Taggd as your trusted recruitment partner. 

Reach out to us today at and let us help you build a team that drives your organization towards unparalleled success.