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Talent acquisition landscape while using recruitment technology

7 Steps For Digital Hiring Using Recruitment Technology During Covid-19

By Taggd

October 20, 2021


5 min read


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Unprecedented events lead to innovation of the talent acquisition landscape. In recent times, digital recruitment has revolutionized how companies source, screen, assess, and onboard talent, thereby increasing the efficacy of resource utilization.

Digital technologies are helping companies devise smart and scalable solutions when it comes to hiring in these challenging times.

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Talent Acquisition Landscape

As the world grapples the socio-economic challenges that this situation has thrown all of mankind into, we are faced with these two glaring questions with respect to hiring of professional talent: What Talent Acquisition strategy and approach will be most effective now so as to ensure business continuity? In this context, how do we creatively innovate so that we are ready for the post pandemic new world order? Today, we have to acknowledge that even post the lockdown ends, we will think many times before shaking hands with anybody (Namaste is a new way globally)! Simple things like these point us to a direction that things have to change, the way we recruit will change forever! Black Swan incidents in the past have changed world order and forced the new and massive paradigm shifts in the way we live. That time has come in the Talent Acquisition Landscape! Welcome to the New World my friend, this is the time to prepare ourselves for it. This transformation has to begin from the grounds-up, let me explain: Today, recruiters are grappling with questions that demand immediate solutions as well from their day to day tasks. You know, simple things like: How to get approvals for job descriptions from stakeholders during this lockdown? How to complete candidate searches without a job fair or campus drives? How to screen the candidates’ behavioural characteristics without face-to-face interviews? How to onboard candidates when social distancing is enforced by law? The good news is that these turbulent times have given us a good enough reason to adopt technology, to become the tech-first organisation that companies always wished to be. Digital technologies are helping companies devise smart and scalable solutions when it comes to hiring in these challenging times. Some of the innovative solutions that recruitment technologies can provide are –

Initiating Job Requisition Via Pre-Configured Templates

In a regular hiring process, a requisition is initiated after holding extensive inter-departmental consultations. Once the sanction is obtained, a job profile is created, and the job position is advertised. However, undertaking all of these operations with precision during a lockdown can prove to be quite tough. This is where digital recruitment allows you to route your applicant seeking process via pre-configured job templates and auto-filled job details. You can easily create a job that suits your specific requirements while streamlining requisition approval workflows at different levels. Based on the job parameters that you have filled out, the CTC range is also auto-populated, thus enabling cost-efficient hiring.

Sourcing Candidates Digitally Across Multiple Channels

While routine hiring operations allow businesses to source candidates through job fairs, campus placements, or offline drives, doing so is not viable in the times of social distancing. Depending on the role that you’re hiring for, modern recruitment technologies empower you to source candidates across multiple channels conveniently. Be it social media or internal databases, you can close job positions immediately by connecting with interested candidates through various online mechanisms. In case you plan to hire for non-revenue generating roles, you can simply pipeline candidates for any expected ramp-up in the future.

Screening The Talent With AI-Powered Assistants

For hiring managers, screening candidate applications can often prove to be a challenging task – especially when there are no face-to-face interviews and only limited resources for communication or verification available while working from home. But with recruitment technologies at your disposal, you can shortlist candidates and find the right talent, without having to ever step out of your office or home. Competent AI-powered matchmaking skills recommend the best candidate profiles to you by matching them with your job description, within a matter of seconds. You can then reach out to the perfect prospects & communicate with them anytime, anywhere.

Scheduling Interviews Through Video Conferencing

In times when social distancing measures are strictly in place, scheduling direct interviews can pose great risks. It is suggested to use video resumes and conduct virtual interviews using Skype or WhatsApp or recruitment technologies that combine these facilities onto a single platform for convenience. You can also invite more than one interviewer into the conference call to make the interview more thorough and choose the best candidate of all.

Assessing Skills Digitally Through Online Tests

In the current lockdown, conducting various behavioral or psychometric assessments of candidates, tracking their scores from various stakeholders, and updating them in the system can be a tedious job. This is because of a lockdown limits face-to-face interaction with the concerned stakeholders. But with pre-integrated digital assessment tools, you can easily conduct various assessments, generate scores, and track statuses in a quick, efficient, and structured way. With pre-integrated support available to conduct digital assessments through some of the top assessment platforms in the country, Taggd digital recruitment solution increases the efficiency of the recruiter by 20 % while reducing the time spent by the recruiter in conducting assessments, helping him to schedule and track assessments & its results right from the portal.

Bringing Selected Candidates On Board Virtually

Bringing selected candidates on-board can prove to be quite complex, especially when the public transportation systems are non-functional, and there are strict travel advisories. Nonetheless, with the digital tools present, you can conduct onboarding operations without the candidate’s actual, physical presence. To efficiently accomplish this purpose, pre-recorded sessions, calendar integrations, educational videos, and HRIS systems can be effectively used. This enhances the onboarding experience and ensures 50% higher prospective hire engagement

Deploy Digital Recruitment Solution

When it comes to making digital hiring, Digital Recruitment solutions can indeed work wonders. Powered by the trio of cloud computing, Big Data, and AI, software like Taggd Digital Recruitment Solution bring the entire recruitment journey, right from requisition and screening to assessment and onboarding, to your doorstep. With the click of a single button, you get to expand your geographical reach, access multiple candidate profiles, and create seamless collaborative opportunities.

So, what are you waiting for? If interested to hire candidates who are right for you or want to know more about the Taggd Digital Recruitment solution, you can reach out to us at or call us on +91 9560998686

By Taggd