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How Taggd’s Candidate Enrichment Methodology Helps You Hire Better Candidates?

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By Rahul Khurana

September 13, 2023


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In today’s fast-paced business world, quickly finding and recruiting top talent is crucial for any organization’s success. However, the talent acquisition landscape has evolved significantly over the years, bringing with it various challenges that make the hiring process complex and time-consuming. 

This is where Taggd’s Candidate Enrichment Methodology steps in as a game-changer, offering a streamlined and efficient approach to talent acquisition. In this blog, we will delve into the challenges faced by talent acquisition professionals and how Taggd’s innovative methodology provides the ideal solution.

The Evolution of Talent Acquisition

Gone are the days when talent acquisition involved manually scanning stacks of resumes and conducting multiple rounds of interviews. Today, modern organizations are on the lookout for a modern, technology-driven approach to identify and recruit the best candidates for their teams. This transformation in talent acquisition is driven by the need for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and finding candidates who are not just qualified but also aligned with the company’s culture and values.

The Talent Acquisition Challenge

  1. Time-Consuming Processes: Traditional talent acquisition methods are often time-consuming. The journey from posting a job vacancy to extending an offer letter can take weeks, if not months. This not only delays the onboarding of critical positions but also results in increased costs.
  2. Candidate Overload: With the advent of digital platforms and job portals, recruiters are inundated with a vast number of applications for each job posting, many of which hit the mark by a wide margin. Sifting through these applications manually is an overwhelming task, and the risk of missing out on the right candidate is high.
  3. Quality Over Quantity: It’s not just about finding candidates; it’s about finding the right ones. Recruiting talent that not only possesses the necessary skills but also fits into the organization’s culture is a complex challenge.
  4. Candidate Experience: Lengthy recruitment processes can lead to a poor candidate experience. Repeated interviews and delays can discourage top talent from considering your organization.

Taggd’s Candidate Enrichment Methodology – The Solution

  1. Efficiency Through Automation

Taggd’s talent acquisition platform is designed to automate and streamline the entire recruitment process. From posting job vacancies to candidate screening and document verification, our platform handles it all. The automation reduces the time to identify and select suitable candidates by up to 87% resulting in significant competitive advantage and cost savings. 

  1. Quality Over Quantity

Our methodology emphasizes quality over quantity. We pre-screen and assess candidate profiles to ensure that recruiters are presented with the most qualified candidates who match the job requirements. This not only saves time but also increases the chances of hiring the right candidate.

  1. Innovative Assessment

Taggd takes talent assessment to the next level. We evaluate candidates based on a wide range of employability traits, including cognitive, behavioral, technical, language, functional, and psychometric qualities. Our proprietary scoring model, the Taggd Score (t. score), helps recruiters identify the perfect fit for their organization quickly and effectively. The score is pre-affixed to every candidate profile for easier recruiter assessment, and meets 90% of the data requirements for successful hiring.

  1. Seamless Integration

Time is of the essence in talent acquisition. Our platform ensures a seamless integration of the recruitment process, from receiving job postings to conducting background checks. Pre-assessed and interviewed candidate profiles are sent directly to the employer portal, saving both time and effort.

  1. Enhancing the Candidate Experience

A positive candidate experience is crucial in today’s competitive job market. Taggd’s streamlined application process, detailed profile analysis, and quick selection process benefit candidates by providing clarity and reducing the need for repeated interviews across different companies.

  1. Unique features for recruiters
  • Auto-match candidate: Recruiters get a dedicated dashboard on our platform from where they can instantly find numerous job-ready candidates and find details like their job skills, CTC, notice period requirements, and others. Recruiters can tag candidates they find appropriate for different job roles and access them later while scrutinizing the profile in detail.
  • Critical to Quality stage: This allows recruiters to compare different candidate profiles on multiple parameters like education, skills, and experience. All the information is available at your fingertips and can be accessed digitally from anywhere.
  • Behavioral assessment & SME stage: Recruiters can request candidates to appear for comprehensive behavioral and SME rounds via the portal itself. The portal sends alerts as and when the rounds are completed, and present reports that can be shared with the entire recruitment team for faster assessment.

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The Results Speak for Themselves

Taggd’s Candidate Enrichment Methodology has achieved remarkable results. Here are some highlights:

  • We have successfully met the hiring needs of over 100+ satisfied clients.
  • Our talent pool boasts over 100,000 candidates.
  • We have connected candidates with over 100+ unique roles.

A Multifaceted Approach

Our commitment to transforming the recruitment experience extends beyond technology. We have two dedicated teams:

  1. Customer Success Team – Creating Demand

Our Customer Success team actively engages with stakeholders, creating demand for job openings in the market. By using Taggd and customer platforms, they enhance the recruitment process, ensuring a steady flow of job opportunities.

  1. Knowledge Hub Team – Our In-House Sourcer

Supplying candidates is equally important, and our Knowledge Hub team excels in this area. They provide the candidates needed to fulfill the demand created by the Customer Success team. Armed with up-to-date market intelligence, they optimize portals and projects, ensuring a steady supply of qualified candidates.

Talent acquisition is a critical aspect of organizational success, and the challenges in today’s competitive landscape are evident. Taggd’s Candidate Enrichment Methodology offers an innovative and efficient solution to these challenges. By leveraging automation, emphasizing quality, and enhancing the candidate experience, we help organizations hire better candidates faster and with greater confidence.

Don’t let the complexities of talent acquisition slow you down. Reach out to us at to discover how Taggd’s talent acquisition strategy and platform can revolutionize your recruitment process and help you secure the best talent for your organization.