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Are you a java job seeker? Here are few growth hacks for you

Kirti Jaitley
By Taggd Editorial Team

June 2, 2022


1 min read

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With the demand for the IT industry dynamically evolving over the last few years, java has become one of the world’s most widely used programming languages for building applications. From cloud computing to IoT and API, java is a hot-selling skill considering its diverse applications across industries. Java is here to stay as a core skill requirement at least for the next 10-15 years, making it one of the most important aspects that employers look for in a software programmer.

In order to help java job-seekers maximize their career opportunities, Rahul Khurana from Taggd, a digital recruitment platform, caught up with leading professionals from Wipro Technologies in an exclusive conversation called Career Circles Live.

Here are some excerpts from his conversations with Mr Joseph Gerald, Competency Head of Wipro Technologies, and Ms Srishti Lal, Head of Talent Acquisition for Wipro Technologies.

What are companies looking for when hiring java professionals?

Companies today look for employees that possess an amalgamation of strong technical ability and the potential to learn and scale. The first step is finding someone who has sound technical ability to write and execute a program using basic java features clearly. Aligning the candidate’s goals with companies’ values is also a plus. Technology is moving and changing at a very fast pace. It is thus crucial for the candidate to be agile and have a large learning appetite to grow in their career. Most companies today understand the pace of change and provide robust upskilling and training sessions.

Unlock Growth Opportunities through Skill Combination

At Wipro, for example, we provide multiple learning and development programs. For instance, if you are a java professional, java + BD can help you enter the salesforce, or Java + Business Development + FED can take you to full-stack development. The opportunities are ample - especially if candidates can combine them.

Matter of basics: Common mistakes that can hinder your growth

Many IT candidates, especially early career professionals, still struggle to stitch together fundamental functions - such as abstraction, the volume of the sum, and inheritance - to write a program. Professionals need to be thorough with the basics if they want to be a part of rewarding projects. A tip that would help with this is to practice writing complex programs using multiple basic functions to solve problems. In addition, it’s important for candidates to want to multitask in terms of their skills and knowledge.


This session was focused on how software programmers and developers can take their careers to the next level. You can also watch the session here.

According to the speakers, a continuous thirst for learning and upskilling has become the norm in today’s world.

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