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Elevating the Interview Experience: Harnessing AI’s Power in Talent Acquisition

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By Taggd Editorial Team

August 25, 2023


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Did you know that almost 80% of candidates who don’t have a positive interview experience actually talk about it with others? And what’s interesting is that around one-third of these candidates share their experiences with others without even being asked.

The positive side is that in today’s rapidly changing business world, forward-looking companies are taking dedicated steps to transform their interview experiences. The integration of AI-powered solutions is one such step in that direction. 

According to a report by Analytics Insights, 65% businesses have incorporated AI-powered recruiting tools into their talent acquisition strategies. In this blog, we will understand how AI can reshape interviews for the better and improve the overall hiring experience.

AI in Behavioral Assessment: Redefining Traditional Approaches

The impact of AI in talent acquisition is truly revolutionary, showcasing its capability to redefine the foundations of conventional practices. An example of this transformation is evident; AI-powered tools now automate behavior assessments in ongoing interviews, creating a significant transformation in approach.

This savvy integration eliminates the necessity for standalone rounds dedicated solely to behavioral evaluation, effectively optimizing time utilization for both candidates and interviewers. 

As a result, this expedites the interview process and improves it with a more efficient and insightful approach, aligning with the needs of modern recruitment dynamics.

Elevating Interview Experiences Through Personalization

A talent intelligence platform fueled by AI enables recruiters to personalize interviews in unprecedented ways. By analyzing a candidate’s background, experiences, and qualifications, AI offers insights that allow interviewers to ask relevant and insightful questions. 

For example, if a candidate has a strong track record in project management, AI can prompt interviewers to explore specific project-related challenges and successes. This dynamic fusion of AI and talent intelligence revolutionizes the interview process, improving interactions and encouraging a deeper understanding of candidates’ suitability for the role.

Creating a Robust Talent Pipeline with AI-Powered Platforms

AI’s capabilities extend beyond the immediate interview to address the ongoing need for a strong talent pipeline. An AI-based recruitment platform can identify passive candidates who are not actively searching for new opportunities. 70% of the global workforce comprises passive talent who aren’t actively job searching, and the remaining 30% are active job seekers.

A practical example involves a talented software developer not actively looking for a new role. AI algorithms identify this potential and enable recruiters to establish initial connections, nurturing a pipeline of future candidates. This approach ensures a steady supply of top talent, prepared to fill key roles when needed, strengthening workforce planning.

Meet Your DEI Hiring Goals

Human-driven hiring processes are often accompanied by subconscious biases of the interviewer, which leads to the potential rejection of candidates even though they possess the right set of skills. In AI-based interview processes, there are tools that track the interview progress in real-time and provide hints and nudges to the interviewers, which ensures that biases are avoided.

Several AI-based talent management platforms also train recruiters to avoid subconscious biases and also provide an assessment of how the interviewers performed during the interview. This helps the interviewers to get better at their craft, and consequently hire better candidates.

How Can Taggd Help in Enhancing Interview Experience?

Taggd has established a distinct advantage in the RPO industry with its in-house, AI-powered recruitment platform that uses data from multiple sources to provide the most suitable candidate matches and recruitment insights to our clients.

We believe in the power of combining human expertise with AI to generate optimal hiring results for our clients, and in that regard, we are well-versed in integrating AI strategies can help our clients in not only improving the interview experience but the overall recruitment experience as well– be it talent pipeline planning, candidate engagement, or onboarding.   


The role of AI in transforming the interview experience is undeniable. From redefining traditional approaches to elevating interviews and encouraging strategic workforce planning, AI-powered platforms offer a holistic solution to the challenges faced by recruitment teams across industries. 

As organizations adapt to the ever-evolving recruitment landscape, embracing AI’s potential becomes essential to achieving recruitment excellence. However, it is important to execute your AI recruitment strategy well, and for that, you have us!

To know how Taggd can help you optimize your recruitment strategies, please contact us at!

By Amit Jain

Chief People Officer, Taggd