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Find the Right Talent for Your Global In-House Center with Taggd

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By Taggd Editorial Team

November 17, 2021


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As GICs take on a more strategic role, they are being plagued by multiples issues like acquiring, attracting, and managing the right talent. Tagged with its data-driven approach and a proven track record can help circumvent these challenges.

We apply data-driven analysis to help you map skill sets, local labour markets, and economic factors so that you are able to target recruits effectively. Employer branding requires a strategic approach for attracting, engaging, and retaining employees.

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Rising importance of GICs

Years ago, upon realizing the advantages of outsourcing, many organizations shifted some of their operations to low cost geographies, which enabled them to save on costs. These centers used to be known as ‘Captives’ which, for many, did not offer any strategic value beyond saving costs. However, after being rechristened ‘Global-In-House Centers’ (GICs), their objective became a lot more self-explanatory. Since the 1990s, GICs have played a major role in helping change the face of the IT sector. It may be said that cost-cutting was the driving force behind the concept, but GICs today have witnessed a lot of transition and expanded their scope to bring in several value-added benefits for organizations. From 2000 onwards, GICs saw a shift in operations and transformed from being simple backend support entities to multi-functional centers of excellence. Furthermore, in the 2010s, GICs also started taking on the mantle of being a creative center as well. Today, apart from the IT sector, others like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, aerospace etc. are also seeing the growth of GICs However, for the success of any GIC, it is very important to be able to attract, develop, and retain talent. In tandem, they also need to undertake transformative measures, create well thought out plans to upskill the workforce, and rethink how work is delivered. Unlike a few years back, today, workers are looking for more value propositions in their careers than just simple remuneration. In order to attract the best talent and retain their present employees, GICs need to be strategic partners for their parent organizations in order to become ‘growth enablers’ instead of just ‘cost savers’.

Common Challenges faced by GICs

The main challenges that a GIC faces include finding the right talent with the right depth for the role in question, retaining the talent, and take care of engagement levels and employee expectations. Expert Advice for Talent Acquisition: For a GIC, it is important to define the key stages of the recruitment process. Analyzing skill sets, local labour markets, and economic factors allow for better recruit targeting. From skills mapping to compensation mapping, GICs today are in need of proper talent advisory. Attracting The Best Talent: Apart from finding the right talent, it is important for GICs to be able to attract them with the right job and growth offers. This pertains to employer branding and creating the right image of the organization that would interest talent. Managing That Talent: Once recruited, apart from fostering growth, a GIC would also require the aid of the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) driven automation tools for HR operations, talent acquisition, and retention of talent. Although GICs are aware of these challenges, it is overcoming them that should take precedence. With Taggd, you can decode your job requirements to properly map the talent landscape irrespective of the industry you are in. With a database of more than 2.6 million candidates, Taggd offers GICs the freedom to find the perfect match. More than talent acquisition, we pay attention to talent optimization, ensuring you get the best fit for your organization.

How Taggd Can Simplify Your Talent Hunt

Taggd is India’s leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider with more than 100 clients across more than 14 sectors. We manage permanent talent recruitment for over half a million jobs in India. With the power of data and knowledge, we offer advanced talent acquisition and digital hiring (RPO) solutions that can change how your business works. Here is how Taggd brings a difference to how you attract, engage, and retain the best-suited talent based on your requirements: Talent Advisory: Taggd works hand-in-hand with GICs in order to establish benchmarks against which the key stages of your recruitment process can be evaluated. We apply data-driven analysis to help you map skill sets, local labour markets, and economic factors so that you are able to target recruits effectively. This is the best way to acquire talent quickly, make confident job offers, reduce turnaround times, and retain good talent, all the while optimizing costs. Whether it is skills mapping or compensation mapping and benchmarking, Taggd offers the most innovative solutions to empower your recruitment processes. Talent Attraction: Employer branding requires a strategic approach for attracting, engaging, and retaining employees. For this, Taggd helps the entire organization communicate a vision that can interest potential new talent. Apart from attracting talent, we help you showcase the journey they can expect to have with your company, highlighting all growth points, making sure to form a compelling ‘big picture’

Talent Management

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing): Here, we take end-to-end ownership of the Talent Acquisition Agenda of your organization and help get off the ground fast with an incisive, data-driven approach to recruitment. Technology: We undertake the setting up of state-of-the-art, latest AI and ML driven HR and Talent Acquisition automation tools. This is our full suite solution that offers you all the capabilities you require for smooth operation. Assessment: We run one of India’s largest Behavioural, Psychometric, Aptitude Assessment Platform, which ensures the correct assessment of job profiles and talent.

Our Expertise

Expertise in Skills, Industries, and Domains: We at Taggd have a clientele that spreads across BFSI, auto and manufacturing, pharma, IT, education, and e-commerce sectors. With a rich experience in these sectors in regard to defining key roles, identifying suitable talent, and ensuring a smooth onboarding process, Taggd ensures cost optimization as well as the perfect recruitment process for your GIC. Expertise in Setting Up Recruitment Solutions: We follow a transparent auto-running process that requires minimal business and HR intervention from your side and is led by a strong governance and review mechanism. The focus of our recruitment solutions is mainly on TTF, cycle time reduction, increases in early fills, and more. With Taggd, only 25% of recruitment activities that involve core decision points remain with client; 75% of activities are managed by Taggd, divided between the Central and Site management teams to ensure maximum convenience for you. To know how Taggd can add value to your recruitment efforts, let’s connect!

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