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How Global In-House Centers Can Attract Quality Talent in India, Quickly & Effectively

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By Taggd Editorial Team

November 18, 2021


5 min read

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India, with its skilled workforce and cost arbitrage is a very lucrative opportunity for MNCs to open GICs here. Owing to a diverse workforce requirement, RPO companies like Taggd leverage their expertise to bridge that gap via their comprehensive talent analysis and mapping.

Global players all over the world are looking to set up their global in-house centers at a location where the talent pool is rich, at the same time being cost-effective. Taggd uses a combination of skills, technology, and industry/domain expertise to provide best-in-class recruitment solutions.

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Talent Needs of GICs

The employees of a company are its most valuable assets. Efficient and loyal employees can play a huge role in the rise of a business. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your organization hires the best quality of resources. However, it can get challenging to find the right talent, especially in a new geography. For a global organization with global in-house centers (GICs) in different locations, the focus must be on these key priorities to get talent-ready for the future: Locally available talent insights: Deep knowledge and understanding of lateral and campus connections Strong leadership team: Insights about leadership talent availability Talent sourcing & development: Steady pipeline of critical-to-quality (CTQ) matched talent and talent-on-demand (TOD) for critical roles. Industry expertise to be a world-class talent hub: Best-in-class talent for global talent development and succession planning agenda Uniform culture and process alignment: Culturally aligned teams with standardized global best practices

How RPOs Can Help GICs Find the Right Talen

The contribution of global in-house centers in the overall business of an organization cannot be stressed enough upon. It is, therefore, crucial for these GICs to hire the right talent. The Best Way To Hire Staff That Would Add Value To The Organization Without Putting A Burden On The Overall Finances Is By Outsourcing The Recruitment Needs To An RPO Provider. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firms can provide valuable solutions for your organization by combining technology, intelligence, and advisory. Here’s what RPOs have to offer: Better quality of hires: Since RPOs are full-time into hiring, they combine experience and innovation to come up with the most effective solutions to improve the quality of hiring. Scalability: By outsourcing the work, you can scale down the hiring efforts as per the requirement. This would save funds when the requirement is low and save effort when it is high. Time-Saving: Since recruitment is a continuous business function for RPOs, they have a skilled pool of talent in the pipeline at all times. Thus, when a requirement arises, they can offer quick solutions. Cost-Effectiveness: Setting up a system for recruitment within your organization would require money and effort. By outsourcing the hiring needs, organizations can do away with the extra spending. Optimization through Analytics and Reports: RPOs use data to constantly optimize and improvise the hiring approach. This ensures that the organization gets the best results without having to dive in deep.

Why India is a Good Place to Find Talent

Global players all over the world are looking to set up their global in-house centers at a location where the talent pool is rich, at the same time being cost-effective. Availability of resources/facilities and conducive business environment are also important considerations. India offers the best of all this. Is it any wonder that big players like Google, HSBC, Facebook, World Bank, etc. have set up their global in-house centers in India?! Here are a few things that make India the perfect geographic location to set up a GIC in: Talent Demographics Education: On average, 3.1 million graduates and over 300,000 post-graduates join the workforce every year with relevant degrees. An abundance of skilled personnel: India has a huge number of people possessing the latest skills and knowledge. Language: India has the largest number of English-speaking people in the world. Apart from that, almost every working individual in India is bi-lingual. Young Workforce: Currently, over 50% population of India is below 25 years of age. As a result, the majority of the workforce is and will comprise of young and energetic individuals. Cost Arbitrage Labour costs in India are much lower than those in the US or Europe or other countries, which is why industries such as customer support, technology, design, R&D, etc. are choosing India as their preferred destination for opening GICs. Here is a small example of average labour costs for different professionals in India: Besides the payroll costs, the costs of technology and facilities are also low in India, thus offering cost-effective GIC solutions to businesses. Infrastructure and Development India has the necessary infrastructure and development to facilitate smooth and efficient work, such as: Technological facilities and efficiency to use them Availability of easy transportation facilities Availability of utilities (electricity/water) Well-defined work policies and norms Socio-Political Stability Limited involvement of government with independent institutions: They are responsible for defining their own regulations. Thriving business ecosystems: India has a huge number of financial institutions and banks. Moreover, it has mature financial markets, namely NSE and BSE. Industry-government dialogues: There is a regular exchange of ideas between autonomous institutions and government bodies. One tax – GST: Different taxes like central excise, service tax, sales tax, etc. have been integrated into one, making things more transparent and simpler.

Why Taggd?

Taggd is a leading recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider and job search platform in India. A part of the PeopleStrong group, Taggd has served 100+ clients from over 14 sectors. Taggd brings together technology, intelligence, and advisory for all your talent needs. We offer the following 3 key services: Total Talent Management (RPO) – Enabled by the best-in-class technology, scientific assessments, talent mapping & advisory, we offer recruitment solutions for all your roles and positions. Executive Search Hiring – Get time-effective and expert recruitment solutions by Taggd. Project-Based Hiring – Taggd offers short-term hiring solutions for specific projects, whether the project model is Greenfield or Brownfield. Taggd uses a combination of skills, technology, and industry/domain expertise to provide best-in-class recruitment solutions.

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