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How to Boost Employee Experience With the Digital Onboarding Process?

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By Taggd Editorial Team

February 23, 2024


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Long-term success and engagement with an organization for an employee require a positive onboarding experience. Research and facts say that the digital era is at its peak. Be it recruitment, an interview, or an onboarding process, everything is being digitized. Traditional onboarding methods are being rapidly replaced by digital innovations. 

Digital onboarding processes are creating a potential future for HR. This process helps them with their work, and it turns out to be seamless and smooth. The impactful journey enhances the employee experience and fosters employee satisfaction and productivity.

Talking about AI or any other automation software, there are numerous options available in this digitized world that enhance HR’s experience of being a subtle and strategic planner for their organization. Follow this blog throughout to learn how, as an HR professional, you can boost employee engagement and experience through the digital onboarding process.

Explaining the Digital Onboarding Process

There are numerous activities and processes done during the onboarding of new employees. Until employees fully understand and integrate into their role, this process goes on whether digitally or on paper. Traditional onboarding processes often get delayed due to the paperwork hassle or a lack of information about the employee when they forget their document on the joining day. Digital onboarding helps to sort out this issue efficiently and carefully.

Digital onboarding is an automated and digitized process for an employee with the right use of advanced technology. It has benefits like accuracy, efficiency, and enhancement of communication. They allow HR to build structured plans by utilizing the correct tools and fostering an enhanced employee experience.

Digital Onboarding Process: Step-by-Step

It is believed that the onboarding process starts on the day when an employee steps into the organization; however, unlike this, the onboarding process is more than this. Numerous essential steps in the onboarding process start from the day any candidate is shortlisted or found eligible for any job profile in the organization. Some of the steps are as follows:

  • Pre-boarding Phase

In general, it is the time between when the candidate accepts the job offer and the date of their joining. This phase is crucial for the HR team, as they need to provide access to crucial materials and tools for the new employee to understand and be ready for their new venture. This involves the terms, rules, regulations, company guidelines, employee’s role handbook, and other documentation accessories.

  • Paperwork and Documentation

Electronic forms and digital signatures have revolutionized paperwork and documentation processes in the digitized era. Traditional onboarding processes have now been replaced by digital onboarding. New candidates can now easily complete their documentation about service agreements, medication licenses, tax forms, and job contracts.

  • Induction and Training

Most organizations involve online induction and training programs before an onboarding process. Earlier, this process was done through face-to-face meetups; now it is convincingly done through the digital method, where new hires are guided through the session. They receive this information through various platforms, like learning software and training modules. Some organizations own their software for smooth onboarding processes.

  • Collaboration and Communication

Digital onboarding processes have made it easy for employees and organizations to interact and collaborate with their colleagues even before joining the firm. Digital tools such as instant messaging, hangouts on mail, and other advanced applications are making it easy for new hires to instantly reach their team members efficiently. Successful communication and collaboration within the team help employees contribute effectively to organizational success.

  • Installation and Access

The IT and HR teams work together to provide the new employees with the right access to the required systems and applications according to their job profiles. Essential tools, email accounts, software access, network credentials, and other access are provided to the employees. It reduces wait times and delays and allows employees to start their work as soon as possible.

Benefits of Digital Onboarding

Numerous benefits are in favor of employees and organizations. Some of them are:

  • Enhances the employee experience and provides satisfaction while improving the seamless and interactive onboarding process.
  • Employees feel welcomed and supported in the organization when they are offered self-paced learning tools, interactive colleagues, and other multimedia elements with personalized tools.
  • It saves time and is a cost-effective method of onboarding.
  • Indirectly, it contributes to environmental protection while saving papers and other elements that were used in the traditional process.
  • HR managers get a chance to focus on other strategic planning and feel relaxed and stress-free due to the digital onboarding process.
  • This leads to a faster and safer hiring process while also enhancing the growth of the organization through increased productivity.
  • Ensures accuracy, consistency, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Automated workflow helps reduce errors and ensures that new hires are provided with all the efficient information they need to get before joining the organization.

Concluding Remarks!

Adoption of the digital onboarding process in the organization can be effective and responsive as well. Boost the employee experience and enhance their satisfaction level while providing efficiency, accuracy, and effective communication. The traditional method was replaceable with this, but this method is irreplaceable, and it will extend to the next level.

Several software programs are helping organizations run smoothly. Long-term satisfaction and retention can be achieved while opting out of the digital onboarding process. Decoding Jobs Sectoral Reports 2023 states that digital onboarding is becoming essential in the digital talent recruitment era. Go through the Taggd official website and understand the importance of digital transformation and adaptation in the digitized era.