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Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition: The Role of AI in HR Tech

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By Taggd Editorial Team

February 20, 2024


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The talent landscape is shifting rapidly and in a very fast manner. A few years ago, the HR department was characterized by a stack of paper resumes, spending the whole day on the big screens to figure out the deserving candidates. From providing employees with important decision-making to taking care of the organization’s needs, HR is the primary work in any industry.

The revolution of AI in HR technology has taken over and driven it to the next level of organizational success. It has ignited a change in the culture and working environment for HR professionals. The transformation has unfolded an era of efficiency, precision, productivity, and strategic decision-making.

Talent acquisition identifies and attracts top-notch and deserving candidates to join an organization. HR plays an important role in the hiring process of the organization and AI’s entry into this domain has changed the game a lot. AI has made it easy and possible to acquire deserving candidates through the automated recruitment process by using predictive analytics. 

In many other ways, AI is playing a crucial yet important role in HR technology. We will go through the same through this blog. 

Introducing AI in HR tech

The most revolutionary thing that has happened in recent years is an AI introduction to HR tech. AI is now used to streamline processes and decision-making in human resource management. AI empowers HR professionals with predictive analysis tools that help identify high-performing and efficient candidates within a second, making it easy to hire them for organizational success. 

It helps in several other repetitive tasks to make them easy, which helps HR to take strategic initiative and take care of other needs of the organization, such as employee management, organizational ceremonies, and a few others that add value to the organization. AI helps improve the learning algorithm by continuously analyzing vast datasets, which enhances the accuracy of predictions of employee turnover and identifies training needs.

AI Potential to Enhance HR Process

AI has the immense potential to enhance the productivity of HR, making it easy and convenient to play their role in an organization. Here are some ways AI can be helpful to professionals and organizations as well:

  • Mechanizing Repetitive Tasks

AI, with the help of robotic elements and virtual assistants, makes the repetitive tasks done by HR in their daily working hours easier. Employee inquiries, interactions, and answering random questions are becoming more convenient and automated with the help of AI. This frees HR from repetitive tasks and allows them to be more creative, helping them to be more focused on strategic making and other things that add value and development value to the organization.

  • Decision-Making Ease

In the position of HR, they need to make several decisions, such as employee hiring, talent acquisition, employee performance, interview scheduling, salary increments, and much more. AI helps them make data-driven and clear decisions, which enables organizations to attain the challenges and opportunities happening in the industry. It also adds a competitive advantage to the performance of HR.

  • Improves Candidate Matching

AI applies its algorithm to figure out the ease of the candidate selection process. According to the job profile, it matches the candidate’s resume and selects the best-fitted one for the same. This eases the hiring process and ensures that the candidate is hired based on their experience; it also reduces bias. 

  • Personalized Learning

It analyzes the employee’s skills and knowledge about the required job profile, highlighting their career goals and learning preferences. This helps them take advantage of personalized training and development opportunities. It also boosts employee engagement and skill growth.

  • Enhances employee engagement

AI has powered tools that help employees with self-serving options like updating their details, requesting time off, or accessing payment stubs. This helps employees manage their HR-related tasks, enhancing their experience.

  • Analyzing Predictive analytics

AI can help HR anticipate their workforce needs, such as turnover and other organizational requirements, helping them take proactive steps to retain valuable employees in the organization. 

Advancement and Applications of AI

There are several advanced technologies and applications embedded in AI.

  • Candidate source management

Candidate source management is evolving in the era of AI. The sophisticated algorithm reaches the best and most deserving employees through various sources, including job boards, social media platforms, hiring apps, professional networks, the company’s databases, and much more, to choose the candidates precisely.

  • Candidate Identification

The AI algorithm plays a pivotal role in candidate identification by unfolding everything about the candidate’s profile, experience, job description, required CTC, and other professional details. It helps to understand the language barriers, context barriers, and other related information about the candidate. This helps match the right candidates to the required job profile. 

  • Diversify

To attract talent, HR can share the required job profile on several platforms at the same time, with the help of AI. An inclusive and equitable hiring culture begins with this process. AI software supports unbiased hiring through the filtration of non deserving candidates from the pool.

  • Onboarding Experience

A positive first impression during onboarding is vital for your employer’s brand, and it’s more important than ever. AI onboarding workflow optimization may customize the process and make new hires feel like valued team members. Teams can meet the specific needs of new workers smoothly without interfering with business operations by using machine learning and prediction algorithms to identify those needs.

Concluding Remarks!

The world is heading towards digital transformation and in the coming years, AI will rule the generation. AI is a helping hand and a savior for many. Moreover, AI in tech and digital recruitment platforms is playing a crucial role by making most of the tasks easy. 

According to the India Skill Reports 2023 AI is all set to handle the shifting employability trends in the industry. The report says that talent acquisition can be easier with the use of AI.