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What Are Millennials And Gen Z Looking For In Their Job Searches

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By Taggd Editorial Team

August 10, 2022


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India has an ever-evolving job landscape brimming with brand-new work trends, and the Indian millennials and Gen Zs are leading the way on all fronts.

Composing a large proportion of India’s workforce, these young minds come with a fresh perspective and believe in the contemporary way of doing things, thus, making it all the more important to understand their holistic outlook towards work.

To understand the aspirations and preferences of the Indian workforce, Taggd, in collaboration with Business Today, conducted a detailed survey on the “Best Companies to Work for in India”. This blog takes insights from the same and boosts our understanding of millennials and Gen Z’s professional outlook.

Rise in Freelancing and Gigs in the Workspace

With a spike in freelancing opportunities, most of the work population, including millennials and Gen Z, choose to pursue freelancing gigs or creative projects alongside their primary jobs. According to Microsoft’s annual report “2022 Work Trend Index”, around 70% of Gen Z and 67% of the millennial workforce prefer earning an additional income by pursuing a creative side hustle. This young workforce expects ample time, flexibility, and mobility from their primary jobs to engage in freelance endeavors and fulfill their creative pursuits.

Overall Well-Being at the Forefront

As the onset of the pandemic witnessed an increase in the stress levels of the Indian workforce, the work landscape reflected a dire need for employees’ mental well-being. Following up on this exigency, top companies drove wellness-led initiatives on a mission-mode basis and revolutionized their work culture.

Empowered by this change, today’s young workforce regards mental well-being as a must-have and chooses to go with companies that prioritize employees’ overall wellness. Also verified by an intensive Taggd- Business Today survey on ‘Best Companies to Work for in India‘, young professionals favor companies that foster employees’ overall health, including mental and emotional.

A Flexible Work System

Fostering a flexible work culture, two companies – Amazon and Google, are the best companies to work for in India, as implied by the Business Today -Taggd research. Offering flexible working arrangements, including a hybrid work model, flexible work timings, and versatility in assignments, these companies remain the top choice for many young professionals.

Supporting this, Microsoft’s recent report also points toward the same: most of the young workforce preferred flexibility in their working landscape. As per the report, while 58% of Gen Z prefer a hybrid working mode, 56% consider working remotely and remote hiring as well.

Alignment With Company Vision

Diversity hiring, inclusivity, equality, and equitability are some core values that hold dear, and rightly so, for a majority of young professionals these days. Consequently, they prefer companies that concur and reflect these values, making vision alignment a significant factor while joining any company. From gender-equity initiatives to fostering inclusive ecosystems, the Taggd- Business Today survey found that all of the choicest companies in India have a clear company vision that aligns with the values of today’s young professionals.

To sum it up, young professionals today choose work-life balance above anything else to ensure a balanced and wholesome life without too many compromises on any front. As reflected in the aforementioned factors, Gen Z and millennials are inclined towards organizations that keep employees’ needs and overall well-being at the forefront. Overall, in the present day, Gen Z and millennials aim for companies with a more open, flexible, and inclusive work culture.

To get further insights about what India’s workforce wants, download the Best Companies To Work For 2022.

By Rahul Khurana

Vice President - Recruitment Product, Enrichment and Growth