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5 Things Auto Cos Should Do to Create a Robust Talent Pipeline

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By Taggd Editorial Team

August 21, 2023


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Automobile companies have seen a wave of transformation in the past decade, with the EV revolution driving unprecedented changes in the nature of operations and jobs. The industry which solely relied on the ICE assembly line for decades is now seeing increasing technologization of vehicles every few years.

The fast-changing landscape has amplified the need to hire a variety of new professionals from multiple domains to assist in designing and manufacturing techy vehicles. The demand-supply ratio for such niche professionals is highly skewed, and it is imperative for auto companies to build a robust talent pipeline that can support their long term business goals.

How to Build a Talent Pipeline for the Auto Industry?

Talent pipelines encourage talent acquisition teams to work proactively in hiring candidates rather than getting into action when the need to fill positions actually arises. The pipeline approach requires talent acquisition specialists to build a pool of talent by consistently engaging with passive candidates so that whenever a role opens up, they already have a ready-to-hire candidate in mind.

Here are some ways to build a robust talent pipeline in the automotive industry:

  • Implement effective employer branding

According to Harvard Business Review, the need for employer branding has grown manifold in the last few years and its importance will only rise hereon. 

How does branding help, you might ask? Positive branding ensures that whenever your company posts new job openings, or a professional plans to switch jobs, your company is at the top of their minds– similar to effective product marketing. 

By showcasing your company culture and employee success stories, you can create an irresistible magnet for skilled professionals who share your vision and want to be part of your journey. 

  • Build partnerships with educational institutions

To create a steady stream of skilled and qualified candidates with sought-after skills like cloud computing, UX designing, automation, and AI, consider forging strategic partnerships with universities, technical schools, and vocational programs. Collaborating with these educational institutions allows you to influence curriculum development and ensure that graduates are equipped with the specific technical skills your company requires.

By engaging with academia, you can provide input on course content, offer guest lectures, and even establish co-op programs that provide students with real-world experience. These partnerships not only strengthen your talent pipeline but also enhance your company’s reputation as a forward-thinking industry leader invested in the growth and development of future professionals.

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  • Develop comprehensive internship and apprenticeship programs

Internship and apprenticeship programs are invaluable tools for grooming future talent. These initiatives provide students and young professionals with hands-on experience and insight into your company’s operations, while also allowing you to assess their potential as future employees.

Design well-structured programs that offer meaningful learning experiences and mentorship opportunities. Tailor these programs to various skill sets within your company, whether it’s engineering, design, manufacturing, or marketing. By nurturing emerging talent through these programs, you’re not only shaping your future workforce but also creating a direct pathway for young professionals to join your company.

  • Embrace diversity and inclusion throughout the organization

According to International Labor Organization, favorable diversity and inclusion help promote innovation, creativity, and employee well-being throughout the organization. Implement inclusive hiring practices that promote diversity at all levels of your organization– from the shop floor to the C-suite. 

Create a safe and inclusive environment where employees from different backgrounds feel empowered to contribute their unique perspectives. By championing diversity and inclusion, you’re not only enhancing your talent pipeline but also positioning your company as an employer of choice for a wide range of skilled professionals. 

  • Stay on top of industry trends and insights

A key element of building a robust talent pipeline is to develop a strong sense of what new roles will spring up in the industry. Who would have thought 25 years ago that a software engineer would be needed to build a car? But auto companies simply cannot ignore the need to have an IT talent pipeline today.

How Taggd Helps Companies Build Talent Pipelines?

As India’s leading high-impact hiring RPO, Taggd focuses on leveraging its rich industry experience backed by its proprietary AI-powered recruitment solution to identify talent pools and map candidates for every role.

We are associated with several industry bodies and educational institutions which gives us exclusive access to a wide pool of potential candidates in the auto industry. As a stakeholder-centric company, we regularly organize company-candidate virtual sessions where both sides can exchange their thoughts and understand their expectations more proactively– which further helps in boosting engagement and building strong connections. 


Industries like automobile, manufacturing, and IT are highly competitive in terms of hiring and frequently see cannibalization practices; like during the pandemic period which saw a massive raise in the salaries for IT talent across IT and conventionally non-IT companies. 

Therefore, it is imperative that companies in these domains secure their talent needs by building carefully planned and robust talent pipelines that can sustain their talent needs over a long period of time.

Planning talent pipelines is unique for every organization. If you want to know how Taggd can help you, please feel free to reach out to us at!

By Anshuman Srivastava

Chief Customer Success, Taggd