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5 Ways To Improve Candidate Onboarding Experience

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By Taggd Editorial Team

July 21, 2022


2 min read

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The onboarding process makes an impactful impression on the candidate about the organization. A seamless onboarding experience not only boosts the productivity radar of an organization but is also crucial in harboring a smooth workflow. A robust onboarding process fosters employee retention.

According to a study by Mckinsey, one of the biggest challenges present-day CEOs face is retaining talent after hiring them. If not done strategically, the onboarding process can become chaotic for both the company and the candidate.

A well-thought-out, systematic onboarding process that encourages positive work culture and facilitates employee development leads to employee retention. Consequently, increased employee retention results in improved return on hiring costs. A strong onboarding process also affects employee productivity positively and helps bring in more talent.

Effective Strategies To Better The Candidate Onboarding Process

A simple and well-ordered onboarding process can do wonders for the company. The following factors must be taken into consideration while shaping an effective onboarding process:

  • Engage prior to the day of joining:

Due to an increased demand for top talent, candidates receive multiple offers. Even if candidates accept the company’s offer, they may still retract their acceptance and go elsewhere. Employers hiring need to begin establishing a rapport with the new hire before their day of joining. A quick handout of generic information such as cafeteria timings, parking rules, holiday lists, etc., along with a warm, welcoming email, can make the candidate feel valued.

  • Workplace partner:

Assigning the new hire, a workplace partner can help ease them into their role. Collaborating with a seasoned employee can help familiarize the new employee with the company culture, hangout spots, and other facets of the organization. Along with providing a point of contact that helps gain valuable information and hands-on training, this partnership also boosts the morale of the new hire and makes them feel supported.

  • Go paperless:

New employees need to go through tons of paperwork before joining a firm. This process can become dull, overwhelming, and a bit tedious, mainly when handled manually. Automated documents, including compliance forms and non-disclosure agreements, can make the process hassle-free. With the digital availability of customizable onboarding templates, the onboarding process is complete with a swipe.

  • Regular check-ins and feedback:

An onboarding process involves integrating the new employee into the organization and their role with ample training and support. This can take months to actualize, making it more crucial for companies to regularly check in with the new hire and value their feedback. According to Harvard Business Review, an extended onboarding program can increase the efficiency of the new employee by 34%.

  • Keep them interested with compelling training materials:

Curating interesting training materials can help engage new employees. While training materials are imperative for a new employee, they can be a bit monotonous. Instead of simply sticking to a textual format, incorporating other media formats such as videos and images helps make the content more engaging and effective. Adding a dash of humor to the material can also keep the employees hooked.

While first-day jitters are normal, an effective onboarding program can help eliminate this stress, making the new employee feel supported and valued. It also boosts the proficiency and productivity of the employee, allowing them to transition into the new role seamlessly. A wholesome onboarding experience helps in hiring talent and retaining them while ensuring a smooth workflow, thus, leading the company to success.

By Anshuman Srivastava

Chief Customer Success