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5 Ways In Which Taggd Attracts Passive Candidates

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By Taggd Editorial Team

October 13, 2022


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While many companies across the globe focus on recruiting active candidates, a great way to churn out the most promising talents from the job market is to source passive candidates.

More than 70% of the job seekers in the global market are passive candidates. Sourcing suitable passive candidates can bring value to your company as they can better align their goals with the role, thereby increasing productivity.

However, passive candidates are more satisfied with their current roles than active candidates. While they are likely to continue in their current positions, they can be open to new and better opportunities.

Hence, talent acquisition teams must be more strategic in recruiting passive candidates. Here are 5 ways in which Taggd can help you execute an effective passive candidate sourcing strategy.

Candidate Enriched Profiles

Taggd’s Candidate Enriched Profiles help passive candidates stand out from the crowd. Every candidate profile contains interview feedback, assessments, video resume, identity checks, and more to offer a comprehensive hiring process. Passive candidates also have access to exclusive jobs that match their skills and goals, while their profiles make them more noticeable to potential employers.

Taggd Score Model

Taggd’s Score Model, powered by AI, helps passive candidates get an evaluation of their skills, experience, and how suitable they are for a particular role. The score on their employability traits, such as cognitive and technical, helps talent acquisition teams filter such profiles and hire candidates faster.

Building a Community Through Career Circle

While passive candidates are mostly satisfied in their current roles, they are still hungry for more opportunities. They look for companies that can provide them with better compensation, work-life balance, and growth.

Hence, Taggd has built a network of industry experts and peers who provide job insights and career advice to keep passive candidates well-informed about the hiring landscape all the time. Staying informed and inspired will positively influence their search for better employment opportunities.

By joining the Career Circle community, passive candidates get access to top mentors and peers across industries, get educated on career development processes, and hone their skills further for better opportunities through specialized programs and events.

Taggd’s talent community is growing every day with 5000+ members, creating a resourceful and impactful place for passive candidates to interact with like-minded people.

Transparent and Easy Connecting Process

A passive candidate with desirable talent would not wait for anyone. Recruiters need to be creative in reaching out to such candidates to get their attention and encourage them to jump ships. Even if the passive candidates are open to opportunities, a complicated process to connect with employers can result in them losing interest.

Taggd’s process of connecting passive candidates with employers is transparent and smooth. Our AI recruitment platform, a milieu of art and science, has the correct data, insights, and market intelligence to efficiently connect passive candidates and hiring managers.

Decoding the Hiring Space Through Collaborations

Taggd is constantly collaborating with experts and talent acquisition leaders across 14+ industries, including pharmaceutical, IT, automotive, and more, to stay up-to-date with hiring trends, changes in hiring processes, future growth, emerging skills, and more.

It is a great way to show candidates that industries and employers have now adapted and become more employee-centric when they hire candidates, thus bringing them to us looking for potential jobs.

Taggd has adopted these strategies in talent sourcing and has built a sustainable job platform that connects employers with suitable passive candidates to hire the best talents from the market.

As India’s leading digital RPO company, Taggd provides customized recruitment solutions by combining data and experience. It has served 100+ clients across 14 sectors and has filled more than half a million job positions till date.

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By Anshuman Srivastava

Chief Customer Success