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Advantages of Having an RPO Partner to Attract Talent in 2023

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By Taggd Editorial Team

April 17, 2023


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The demand-supply mismatch for quality talent has widened so much that the Government of India is now intervening with emergency measures to widen the talent pool.

The scenario underlines how finding top talent continues to remain a challenging task across industries. With increasing automation and the use of technology across job functions, the demand is only bound to rise. A company’s workforce eventually determines its market prowess, and companies with strong hiring processes will have the competitive edge.

Developing full-capacity recruitment functions within organizations can be a cost-intensive activity that takes a long gestation period to start performing at optimum levels. It is best suited for companies with assured hiring volumes running into thousands every year, and poses a significant entry barrier for several companies not intending to build in-house teams.

That’s where recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partners can be of assistance.

An RPO partner can help you address short-term hiring needs as well as create a long-term talent acquisition strategy to ensure your organization has the right mix of skills and expertise in place to remain successful, while reducing almost 50% of your recruitment costs among several other advantages of RPO.

They are experts in developing tailored candidate experiences to ensure you are attracting the right professionals and maintaining your organization’s reputation as an employer of choice.

5 Benefits of Having an RPO Partner

1.   Wide Talent Pool and Better-Quality Hires

An RPO partner will identify your recruitment needs and provide verified, comprehensive candidate profiles from their wide talent pool of vetted and verified candidates nationwide, allowing for quick hiring of high-quality talent. For niche roles, they go a step further to leverage their extensive industry networks for sourcing the best talent.

Their time and resources are focused into searching, evaluating and selecting candidates who have the skills and background that best meet your specific needs. Their customizable hiring models also reduce the time-to-hire by 40%, making it a cost-effective approach for the company.

2.   Scalability

Recruitment needs are not always consistent. For instance, a company might need to hire multiple individuals in one month and have no requirement for several months afterward. With recruitment process outsourcing services, companies can accommodate these fluctuating hiring requirements without incurring the costs of maintaining an in-house recruiter. This allows them to scale up or down as necessary, making scalability one of the most prominent RPO benefits.

3.   Industry Expertise

An RPO partner’s industry expertise and focus on job market research through ongoing surveys, conferences, and evaluations of the job market are invaluable for any company seeking to find the perfect candidate. With a deep understanding of the current job market, they are adept at sourcing, screening and selecting qualified individuals that align with specific employer requirements.

4.   Increased Stakeholder Engagement

RPOs dig deep into understanding the hiring needs of a company and collaborate closely with them to source candidates that suit their criteria. They also suggest process improvements to refine recruitment procedures.

Their improved recruitment methodology leads to better hires and meets the demands of hiring managers and senior leadership. The process also allows the company to focus on their core business objectives.

5.   Brand Enhancement

Employer brand is among the most influential factors for candidates when choosing opportunities. Beamery’s research has revealed that 69% of job seekers are more likely to select employers who put efforts into managing their employer brand.

Given their expertise in sourcing candidates and other job marketing activities, an RPO partner will be well poised to assist you in elevating your employer brand. With their comprehensive understanding of the process, they can help you craft an effective strategy to make your brand stand out.

Partnering with Taggd in 2023

When selecting an RPO partner, the importance of making the right choice cannot be overstated. Start-ups and large companies alike have seen great success when taking advantage of outsourcing their hiring needs to RPO companies, as they are incredibly agile and can rapidly adapt to changing conditions due to their expertise across industries.

Taggd harnesses the power of art and science to offer pre-screened candidates to its clients, drastically cutting down their time spent on hiring. With over 100 customers spanning 14+ industries and 850+ roles mapped across sectors, Taggd can serve as your trusted RPO partner.

Grow your business with Taggd and revolutionize your recruitment process today.

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By Vishal Bhardwaj

Chief Digital Transformation