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Best Practices to Help you Source Quality Technology Candidates />

Best Practices to Help you Source Quality Technology Candidates

Best Practices to Help you Source Quality Technology Candidates              
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By Taggd Editorial Team

June 20, 2022


2 min read

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The pandemic-induced lockdown has given further impetus to digitization and technology, due to which the demand for tech candidates increased, and so did the pressure on tech recruiters. In this competitive market, tech recruiters need to have a strategic hiring process using the best practices.

If you’re an IT hiring manager or recruiter, here are a few practices to source quality technology candidates.

Sourcing through communities

Tech-focused online communities such as Career Circles , We-Ace, Techmakers, etc., which focus on bringing together professionals from similar skill groups, have access to some of the finest talents available.

That’s not all – to find niche tech talent, there are communities like GitHub where you can find developers and their work. Communities like these are an excellent opportunity for employers to find their next hire and for employees to really explore what they’re looking for.

Exploring Social Media Hiring

Social media is an amazing tool to attract the best talent and engage with them in meaningful conversations. LinkedIn is a proven market leader in social media hiring. In addition to posting jobs, LinkedIn Live is a great place to stream live videos to know your audience and engage with them. Talent Acquisition teams can host casual discussions for the potential to showcase the office space and culture, or even get hiring managers to speak about how to get hired for different roles, and what kind of skills are they looking for.

LinkedIn isn’t the only social media platform for recruitment. Facebook, Twitter, and even WhatsApp and Instagram can also act as resourceful social media platforms for hiring talent.

WhatsApp, for instance, is a great way to get hold of candidates who are otherwise difficult to reach. The biggest advantage of social media is that it is instant and is used by individuals constantly throughout the day.

Read here to see how recruiters have utilized social media to attract quality talent. 

Curated Questions to Refine Quality

Recruiters and hiring managers can discuss among themselves to identify candidates with no-compromise skills and good-to-have skills. Most importantly, incorporating questions related to the 'must-have' skills of your organization's demands can greatly impact recruiting the apt talent.

Try and analyze the candidates at the initial stage by adding 5-10 questions to refine the quality. Distinct questions for every skill family and every requirement can be identified to fine tune the refining process and to provide a quality profile.

Post-Offer Activities

Once hired, the selected candidates can be integrated into the respective roles. Building strategic check-ins with new talent helps in engagement and motivation by connecting them with HMs and buddies. Furthermore, creating some excitement towards the company and its work environment is a brilliant way to discuss its selling points and advantages.


Sourcing and recruiting technology candidates need not be intimidating or frustrating. It is fun, challenging, and inspiring with the right understanding of the different job search platforms and the talent available out there. The above tips and innovative ways can be helpful to find the right fit and fill your hiring and recruitment funnel with competent candidates.

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By Anshuman Srivastava

Chief Customer Success