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Decoding Strategic Factors Shaping the EV Industry’s Optimistic Hiring Outlook for 2024

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By Taggd Editorial Team

December 20, 2023


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The economic resilience witnessed in India throughout 2023 has set the stage for an intriguing trajectory in 2024. As we look into the core drivers, challenges, government interventions, and key trends shaping India’s economic journey, a spotlight on the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry reveals a pivotal role in the nation’s workforce dynamics. 

This analysis stems from the comprehensive insights the Decoding Jobs India Report 2024 provides, offering a nuanced understanding of hiring trends, challenges, and opportunities within the dynamic EV sector.

As industry leaders strive to navigate this evolving global market dominated by key players like China, the intersection of branding, regulatory support, and continuous learning becomes crucial in shaping the future of talent acquisition and hiring.

EV Industry’s Proactive Hiring Outlook in 2024

The report foresees 2024 as a critical juncture for the EV industry. The hiring landscape is poised for significant growth, reflecting a remarkable 19% increase in overall hiring intent compared to the previous year. This surge in intent signifies an optimistic outlook within the EV sector, underscoring its strategic position in the industrial landscape. A notable shift is observed in work models, with the hybrid approach gaining prominence at 60%, indicating a robust embrace of flexible work arrangements. 

3 Strategic Factors Shaping EV Industry’s Optimistic Hiring Outlook

  • Brand Impact in the EV Industry

Effective brand positioning is a dual force in the competitive Electric Vehicle (EV) sector, influencing talent acquisition and industry credibility. A compelling brand attracts top-tier talent by communicating a company’s values and vision and enhances overall credibility, fostering trust among stakeholders and investors.

Aligned with core values like innovation and sustainability, effective brand positioning becomes a catalyst in attracting high-quality talent shaping talent acquisition and industry standing.

  • Government Interventions and Regulatory Support

Central to the hiring dynamics in the EV sector is the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles in India (FAME) initiative launched in 2015.

Operating on a demand-side subsidy model, FAME plays a crucial role in shaping hiring decisions within the EV industry. FAME doesn’t merely influence consumer choices; it significantly shapes the hiring decisions within the EV sector. By fostering an environment conducive to EV adoption, FAME indirectly impacts the demand for skilled professionals, necessitating a dynamic and forward-thinking talent pool.

Acknowledging the role of government in boosting the industry’s growth, Sandeep Gokhale, CMRO at American Axle Automotive, aptly puts it, “2024 presents promising opportunities in India’s EV technology sector. Despite acknowledged challenges such as higher operational costs than China, the manufacturing industry maintains an optimistic outlook due to regulatory support. Emphasizing strategic elements such as branding, continuous learning through technology adoption, and an innovative hiring approach, initially on contract, underscores the industry’s pragmatic vision.”

He also advocates continuous learning through technology adoption and an innovative hiring approach, initially on contract. Understanding the impact of regulatory support, especially in the context of government policies, becomes a compass for businesses navigating the complexities of compliance and innovation in their hiring strategies.

  • Empowering the EV Workforce: A Reskilling Initiative for Growth

Continuous learning is crucial for the Indian EV industry’s hiring outlook, driven by the Reskilling Revolution. The key factors include:

Technological Reskilling

Ongoing programs focus on reskilling for EV technological advancements, ensuring professionals stay updated on AI and automation.

Future-Proofing Careers

Reskilling addresses the need to future-proof careers in the rapidly evolving EV industry, especially with 43% of tasks projected to be automated by 2027.

Impact on Economic Growth

Global investments in reskilling and upskilling, estimated to boost GDP by $6.5 trillion by 2030, align with the economic impact in the Indian EV sector.

Educational Reform for Future Workforce

The government of India has considered updating the education system to ensure students are prepared to be a part of the future workforce, fostering personal growth and contributing to the nation’s overall progress.

The India Decoding Jobs Report 2024 for the Road Ahead

As we begin an exciting journey in the EV industry in 2024, the Decoding Jobs India Report provides a strategic compass for employers, HR professionals, and job seekers. By decoding the trends, challenges, and opportunities within the Electric Vehicle sector, this report equips stakeholders with the insights needed to navigate the evolving workforce landscape. 

By providing a comprehensive view of the strategic factors shaping the EV industry’s hiring landscape, we aim to furnish the tools and insights necessary for informed decision-making. The path to success in 2024 lies not just in overcoming obstacles but in seizing the opportunities that lie within them.

This extensive report is the result of meticulously conducted surveys and thorough conversations with respected talent acquisition experts in various sectors throughout India. It has evolved into a favored reservoir of data and recommendations, serving as a valuable resource for guiding recruitment decision-making.

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