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India Decoding Jobs Report 2024

The economic landscape of India in 2023 displayed a remarkable resilience and forward momentum, it remained robust and surpassed the global average growth rate. To grasp the intricacies of India’s economic profile in 2023, we delve into the essential drivers, challenges, government interventions, and key trends shaping this economic journey throughout the following sections.

In the ever-dynamic Indian job market, the year 2024 is poised to mark a significant turning point where investments in artificial intelligence and data combine to fuel the skilling ecosystem as well as the future of work.

The Decoding Jobs India Report 2024 is a comprehensive guide to the latest hiring trends in India, challenges, and best practices in the Indian job market. This report provides in-depth insights into the key metrics and strategies for successful talent management and acquisition. Whether you’re an organization looking to attract and retain top talent, or an individual seeking employment, this report has everything you need to know about the employment outlook for 2024.

In this report, you’ll discover the industries that are poised for growth. Get ready to uncover the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the Indian job market in 2024.

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Key Highlight

India's hiring landscape is poised for growth in 2024, with an overall hiring intent showing a notable increase of 19% compared to the previous year.

Sneak Peak

A nuanced shift is observed in 2024, as the hybrid model strengthens its position at 60%, indicating a further embrace of flexible work arrangements. Work from office-only scenarios is expected to register a decline to 33%, reflecting a strategic balance, while the remote work component remains steady at 7%.
1. The manufacturing sector leads the way with a robust hiring intent of 25%, underscoring a positive outlook for industrial expansion.
2. Similarly, the automotive industry is set to witness a 20% surge in hiring intent, reflective of the sector's anticipation of increased demand.

Top 5 states with majority of talent pool availability:

  • Maharashtra

  • Karnataka

  • Delhi

  • Telangana

  • Tamil Nadu

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