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Hiring Talent Has Been Made Easy With the Digital Recruitment Platform

Manish Gupta - Chief Growth Officer at Taggd
By Taggd Editorial Team

July 19, 2022


3 min read

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In today’s dynamic talent acquisition environment, hiring quality candidates without leveraging technology drastically affects the hiring pace while also impacting your competitive edge.

Such tech advancements entail significant amounts of resources, and the scope of developing such solutions in-house by every company for fulfilling their hiring needs is not feasible from any angle. That’s where Taggd can be of assistance.

Taggd’s proprietary RPO service solutions add a technology boost to the human aspect of hiring and help clients build their workforce faster and better. In this blog, we’ll walk you through what organisations should expect from an RPO company and discuss Taggd’s RPO approach in detail.

Key Offerings of a Successful RPO

  • End-to-end recruitment solutions customised as per client’s policies
  • Constant collection, analysis, and dissemination of market intel
  • Provide scalable hiring solutions at optimum costs
  • Determine candidate-company fit to ensure long-term association
  • Ensure maximum use of technology to automate routine tasks and drive higher efficiencies

Taggd’s Digital Recruitment Platform

Taggd fulfils the RPO requirement of businesses with its AI recruitment platform that utilises an Artificial Intelligence-embedded algorithm to find ready-to-hire talent. The platform constantly evaluates candidate profiles and has already curated an active database of more than one million candidates across various industries.

Here is how the recruitment platform works:

One-Stop Solution for Hiring:

Taggd’s digital recruitment platform has been designed to cater to A-Z recruitment functions. All you need to do is share your recruitment needs, and our team will get you started right away.

Removes Human Intervention:

In traditional recruitment methods, hiring managers have to go through hundreds of resumes to shortlist the relevant candidates for every position, which causes massive delays in the hiring process. Taggd’s proprietary digital recruitment platforms automate this task, making it easier for hiring managers to scout the relevant talent for the position.

Enriched Candidate Profiles:

With traditional hiring, 90%  of the hired candidates are a misfit for the job. To overcome this massive challenge, our platform creates a Taggd score or T-score for each candidate by mapping various hiring criteria like work experience, proficiency in required skills, educational qualifications, social presence, subject matter expertise, and behavioural aspects. The T-Score is a numeric value assigned to each candidate post their profile assessment that allows recruiters to find the talent that would be the best fit for a particular position.

Offers Structured Talent-Database:

The platform provides a structured database from our talent pool with the help of its machine learning engine, which lets the employers easily compare and filter candidates. In comparison to the traditional hiring process, our digital recruitment platforms improve data sufficiency by 70%, thereby helping companies make more sound hiring decisions.


Talent Intelligence:

The digital recruitment platform offers access to talent intel and analytics for the required skills and industries. With the help of this data, hiring managers can improve their workforce planning and create better and more effective long-term hiring strategies.


Our digital recruitment platform offers a pool of talent that is pre-assessed, pre-interviewed, and ready-to-hire for niche and in-demand skills that perfectly match employer’s job positions. The platform enables recruiters to reach the right candidate 50% faster than traditional hiring processes. It also improves the rollout rate among candidates by 4%.

At Taggd, we believe that “Hiring right is not incidental, but empowering”. By subscribing to this philosophy, we have filled over half a million jobs for 100+ happy clients. Currently, Taggd has a database of over one million active candidates from 14 different industries. Visit Taggd to know more about us.

By Manish Gupta

Chief Growth Officer