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How recruiters across industries combating aging positions

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By Taggd Editorial Team

November 9, 2022


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While aging positions remain an area of concern in the recruitment landscape, recruiters across industries have come up with strategies to deal with it, as discussed in the recent roundtable discussion with HR experts, held by Taggd.

A common phenomenon across the IT industry, aging of IT roles has reached over 60%, according to Ranjini Chakraborty, HR Director, Giesecke+Devrient.

While multiple factors lead to aging positions, a high demand-supply ratio is a significant contributor. The increasing offer-dropout rate is one big contributor with the metric having increased significantly, as skilled candidates hold five to six offers at times. While market cannibalization plays a huge role, unstable salary scales further add to the challenge.

As per Ranjini, the referral system can help recruiters with aging positions. The HR expert revealed how their organization could turn around the problem of aging positions by 80-90% through the referral system.

To tackle the phenomenon, recruiters also implement a robust pre-onboarding process, wherein the selected candidate is connected with the hiring managers and leadership teams before joining the organization. Some recruiters also assign a buddy to the candidate before joining, providing them ample communication and space to ease into the organization.

According to some recruiters, giving preference to freshers by hiring and training them allows for a better chance of reducing the turnaround time of a position.

To tackle the phenomenon of aging positions, recruiters choose to implement various employee-centric strategies, keeping employee value proposition at the forefront.

With strategies such as assigning a buddy pre-joining, recruiters believe that gaining information about the organization through an existing employee can help build trust in the candidates. Besides the aforementioned ways, recruiters also opt to groom in-house talent for different projects.

However, these are just some major takeaways from the discussion.

By Manish Gupta

Chief Growth Officer