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India Inc closing the talent crunch with women. Here is how 1 />

India Inc closing the talent crunch with women. Here is how

India Inc closing the talent crunch with women. Here is how 1              
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By Taggd Editorial Team

June 7, 2022


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Did you know that 72% of working Indian women reject roles that disallow flexible working? Or that 70% of women have considered quitting their jobs due to the lack of flexible policies?  

The current gap between demand and supply of talent is about 21% in India. In order to bridge this gap, companies today are eager to increase diversity hiring, as a result of which the share of female employees has been on an upward incline. Companies like Vedanta Limited, Tata Steel, TVS Motor Company, MG Motor India have all increased their share of women hires, especially in the wake of automation and the need for leadership. Now, more than 50% of the companies in India are actively hiring women to meet the talent shortage in the market, employers are increasing modifying internal policies to keep up with the changing needs.  

What Indian Women in Workforce Want?

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What Indian Women in Workforce Want?  According to the Taggd-Business Today Best Companies to Work for Survey 2022 flexibility is a key ask of today’s workforce, particularly evident in the cohort of women workforce. Be it the type of work, timings, quality, or the location, supporting the flexibility needs of employees is the need of the hour. 

As per the report, 42.66% of women prefer working from home, and 41.61% prefer a hybrid mode of working that affords them greater flexibility. In fact, more than half women respondents said they would take a job that gave them the freedom to choose the work assignments and timings over better compensation, growth opportunities, or other reasons. The findings also highlight that nearly 40% of working women in India prefer to work at companies with greater clarity of shared organisational and business goals. This is closely followed by 21% of women looking for growth and learning opportunities.  

Moreover, according to the recent Linked Consumer Report findings, given flexibility at the workplace, women are more likely to (a) move ahead in their careers at a faster pace,

(b) enjoy a better work-life balance,

(c) have better mental health; and

(d) retain their jobs for a longer period.  

Making a difference 

Taggd as a digital recruitment platform has worked with several companies to identify gender gaps and opportunities for flexible working. From helping companies make their working hours, locations and CTQs more flexible to identifying and creating a robust ‘return to work’ women talent pool, Taggd has been instrumental in expanding organizations talent pool and truly #MadeADifference by tapping bridging the gap between women talent and the workplace.  

By Kamakshi Pant

Vice President - Strategy