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Reverse Recruiting: The Future of Hiring

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By Taggd Editorial Team

August 29, 2022


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The success of any business hinges on hiring the right people. However, attracting quality talent is one of the biggest challenges that hiring managers face.

Conventional hiring solutions are nearing their end, and recruiters are constantly looking for innovative solutions to find the most qualified candidates for the companies. One new strategy that seems to have picked up momentum among them is reverse recruiting.

What is Reverse Recruiting?

Reverse recruiting is a hiring strategy that involves employers applying for candidates instead of candidates applying for the job. It makes the overall recruitment process more efficient for employers as well as job seekers.

Reverse recruiting is typically executed by utilizing a recruitment platform, which offers a database of pre-screened talent, where companies can directly engage with the candidates equipped with the relevant skill set.

What makes Reverse Recruiting an important strategic choice?

Here are the key reasons why reverse recruiting is crucial in the future of hiring:

Access to Pre-screened Talent & Improved Time-to-Fill

In the traditional recruitment process, employers must spend time filtering the best candidates from an unorganized pool of candidate data. With reverse recruiting, employers can access a pre-screened talent pool that assists in significantly reducing the time taken to fill open positions. According to a study conducted by Honeypot, opting for the reverse recruiting strategy can reduce the time-to-hire for businesses by 50%.

Reduced Dropout Rate

Reverse recruitment platforms contain comprehensive information about the candidates, such as their resumes, detailed skill set, and expertise, along with their expected salary, location preferences, etc.

This level of transparency allows the employers hiring to quickly connect with candidates whose job expectations match the profile that they are offering. The whole setup thereby helps in reducing the dropout rate, as job profile mismatch is one of the biggest reasons for candidates backing out, and reverse recruitment platforms address this problem head-on.

Low Cost-to-Hire

Another reason why reverse recruiting is set to grow even further is because of the cost efficiencies it brings in for companies. Reverse recruiting can reduce hiring costs by 25% while also saving time, making it an optimal solution for talent acquisition.

Competitive Edge

Reverse recruitment platforms build a huge talent database that also includes candidates who are not actively looking for a job change but are open to considering new offers if it’s worth it.

Given the evident scarcity of quality talent and several recruiters still unaware of this process, companies open to deploying reverse recruiting solutions are at an advantage as they have to spend fewer resources in competing with other companies to acquire such candidates.


Companies have no option but to be proactive and open to adopting modern methods like reverse recruiting to stay ahead of the competition with the evolving job market in India 2023. Reach out to us for your hiring solutions. Hire Right. Every Time. With Taggd. View Taggd Company Profile now!

By Kamakshi Pant

Vice President - Strategy