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How An RPO Can Help You Overcome The Global Labor Shortage

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By Taggd Editorial Team

October 10, 2022


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Talent shortage is not a new phenomenon. The ongoing talent crunch is one of the biggest present-day challenges faced by recruiters. While COVID-19 remains a significant contributor to labor shortage, several other factors, including the technology skills gap, shift in workers’ expectations and market cannibalization, are also at play.

According to a Korn Ferry report, there might be a worldwide shortage of approximately 85 million workers by 2030. Such staggering numbers demand businesses to revamp their hiring strategies and adopt robust recruitment solutions. Thus, to cater to the growing scarcity of skilled talent, more and more companies are availing recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services.

On a relatable note, this blog is curated to understand how RPO services help businesses overcome their talent needs and why it is an effective solution to the present-day labor shortage.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing to the Rescue

While there were widespread layoffs at the onset of the pandemic, the post-pandemic period is witnessing a sudden spike in demand for talent, thus, fuelling the dearth of skilled labor across industries. Recruitment process outsourcing can help tackle this challenge to a great extent. Let us figure out how.

  • Expert Services: 

An RPO company’s primary objective is to attract, engage, and hire suitable talent for its client companies. To fulfill its hiring objectives, an RPO company has numerous trial-and-tested hiring strategies, relevant technology, and the bandwidth to search for suitable candidates rigorously With specialized services, a recruitment outsourcing partner can help reduce a company’s time to fill a position, thus, ensuring the right talent is not lost to other firms.

Besides engaging active job seekers, recruitment firms also specialize in identifying passive job seekers through various market channels.

  • Customized Hiring Solution: 

Partnering with an RPO can help companies customize their hiring strategy according to their unique hiring needs. From customized talent mapping to tailored recruitment solutions that align with your business plans, an RPO helps organizations fulfill specific hiring mandates. A customized hiring plan makes hiring more efficient and enables companies to hire candidates befitting their culture.

Moreover, recruitment firms also maintain an updated directory of potential candidates across industries, thus, leading to better access to the talent pool.

  • In-Depth Understanding of Companies and Talent:

Recruitment process outsourcing companies have a deep understanding of the talent requirements of multiple industries and can easily guide companies regarding the best approach to meet their company’s recruitment requirements.

Since RPO firms are adept at understanding a company’s diverse hiring needs, they can better fulfill them by finding suitable candidates in the shortest period. Furthermore, recruitment firms know how to market jobs to niche talent in the industry, thus, helping firms attract the most suitable candidates for the job.


With many factors associated with skilled labor shortage globally, collaborating with a recruitment process outsourcing firm can help companies attract and hire qualified talent. An RPO service provides a vast talent pool for companies to choose from and significantly simplifies the hiring process.

Taggd is one such recruitment firm that has successfully hired for approximately half a million jobs. Offering ready-to-hire talent to Indian companies, the digital recruitment platform has helped over 100 companies fulfill their talent mandates. With a vast digital repository featuring over a million candidates across diverse industries, Taggd enables companies to locate, attract, and hire talent easily.

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By Kamakshi Pant

Vice President - Strategy