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How Taggd Can Help With Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

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By Taggd Editorial Team

November 1, 2022


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The ongoing talent crunch across industries fuels the hyper-competitive talent landscape of present times. From high attrition rates to market cannibalization, there are a multitude of contributing factors causing challenges in the recruitment industry.  

As per a recent survey conducted by Aon Plc, the attrition rate increased to 20.3% in 2022 compared to a mere 6% in 2020. Adding to this, with the offer dropout rates peaking at 35%, recruiters across industries are revamping their talent acquisition strategies.  

Why Is a Recruitment Strategy Important?

A robust recruitment strategy can irrefutably make the recruitment process more strategic and aligned with the company’s goals. A well-thought-out talent acquisition strategy primarily addresses three key recruitment metrics, i.e., quality of hire, cost per hire, and time to hire.  

A poorly designed hiring strategy can compromise the quality of hires and lead to an increase in the cost and time to hire. A bad hire further adds to the cost of hiring, leading to losses for the company.  

Developing an astute recruitment strategy requires keen insight into the market and recruiter stratification. Optimal use of technology further enables innovative sourcing of talent. These pivotal elements can be integrated into a recruitment plan by experts such as Taggd 

Taggd: Paving the Way Toward Holistic Recruitment Strategies

An AI-powered digital recruitment platform, Taggd offers end-to-end recruitment solutions. With a holistic approach to connecting people with companies and people with opportunities, the recruitment expert boasts a ready-to-hire talent platform.  

The recruitment platform skillfully adapts to your talent needs and builds a hiring strategy that aligns with your company objectives. The platform features an active database of over 1146000 candidates with a keen insight into the market across industries. Every candidate comes with a comprehensive Taggd Enriched Profile, wherein the candidate is assessed across various parameters, including cognitive, behavioral, technical, psychometric, language, and more.  

Profiling the candidates along the aforementioned set of parameters helps gauge talent in a more structured and holistic manner and meets 90% of the data sufficiency required for hiring.  

While every Taggd enriched candidate profile comes with interview feedback, video resume, and identity checks, each candidate is also given a t. score. The t. score or Taggd score uses an AI/ML-powered proprietary scoring model, which makes the filtration process easy.  

A unique and innovative AI recruitment platform, Taggd helps its clients restructure their talent acquisition model according to their hiring needs. With a robust AI-powered algorithm, the digital recruitment platform sorts candidates by benchmarking their skills through a series of comprehensive assessments.  

Offering a 360-degree candidate profile view, Taggd significantly narrows down the hiring process by sourcing and filtering the right candidate for its clients.  


Propelled by the art and science of hiring, Taggd offers pre-screened candidates to its clients, thus significantly reducing the time to hire for a position. The talent acquisition platform has served over 100 customers across 14 industries and has approximately 850+ roles mapped across sectors.  

With Taggd, companies leverage 50% faster reach to suitable candidates. The recruitment platform also offers around four times improvement in candidate offer rollouts. 

For more information on how Taggd can help fulfill your recruitment goals, write to us at or visit our website. 

By Anshuman Srivastava

Chief Customer Success