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Talent Shortage Persists: Where To Find The Most In-Demand Tech Talent

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By Taggd Editorial Team

July 20, 2022


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As the demand for IT talent is rapidly increasing and the supply is facing scarcity, today’s hyper-competitive tech talent market has become an enormous predicament for companies.

Keeping the low supply-demand ratio of IT talent in mind, this blog provides an insight into the new IT hubs in India and the top roles they offer.

The Emerging IT Hubs

When it comes to IT talent, India features four well-established IT hubs – Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. With a budding start-up culture and flexible FDI norms, the country is witnessing an ever-growing demand for technology professionals.

The IT sector is all set for expansion by investing in small cities, thus, decongesting developed cities and providing opportunities to freshers in small cities. According to research by Taggd, the number of IT professionals in non-tier 1 cities will increase from 31% to 33% in 2022.

A recent study on IT tech talent by Gartner suggests that Ahmedabad and Kolkata are listed amongst the top five emerging IT hubs across the world. With low salary cost and high-tech talent supply, these cities have achieved a talent score of 6.1 and 5.9, respectively, a relatively good score amid its many foreign competitors.

While Ahmedabad has a whooping talent supply of 86,990, Kolkata stands at 64,480.

Research by Taggd suggests that while businesses in the IT sector expect an increase in hiring by 40% in 2022, around 80% of employers in the tech sector intend to hire in 2022.

One of the most significant characteristics in assessing the seamless availability of talent is determining the supply-demand ratio, which is the number of professionals available per job posting.

Ahmedabad boasts a supply-demand ratio of five, whereas Kolkata stands at four, both of which are moderate numbers. A fair supply-demand ratio coupled with meager salary costs makes both these cities lucrative hotspots for IT companies.

Below are some noteworthy data gathered about the emerging tech hubs – Ahmedabad and Kolkata:

  • For the requirement of a Project Manager in the IT sector, Kolkata holds a supply-demand ratio of 7 and a talent score of 6, which denotes a good figure. (Talent score is the weighted average of different talent parameters, including talent supply, demand pressure, location parameters, and salary cost; the higher the talent score, the better it is.)
  • For a Front-End Engineer, Ahmedabad has the lowest salary cost ($8,350 per annum) amongst all the other emerging IT hubs across the globe.
  • Ahmedabad boasts a talent supply of 22,190 for a Backend Engineer’s position with a salary cost as low as $10,450 per annum.
  • For a Full Stack Engineer, Ahmedabad has a high talent supply and a very low salary cost, making it a competitive IT hub across India.
  • Securing an ideal talent score of 6.1, Ahmedabad has an abundant talent supply for Software Test Engineers and the lowest salary cost.
  • While Ahmedabad has a moderate supply-demand ratio for a UX/UI Engineer, it has the lowest salary cost.
  • With a high talent supply and an even higher supply-demand ratio, Kolkata is an emerging hub for Systems Engineers. The city also features immensely low salary costs.
  • Both Ahmedabad and Kolkata have a low salary cost and an average supply-demand ratio for the role of Network Engineer.
  • According to the Gartner data, Kolkata and Ahmedabad both have a fair supply-demand ratio and a low salary cost for Cloud Engineers.
  • For a DevOps Engineer, Kolkata ranks at the top with a remarkable talent score of 7, including a high supply-demand ratio and a low salary cost; at the same time, Ahmedabad has an average supply-demand ratio for the same.

Encompassing remarkable talent supply, a great-to-moderate supply-demand ratio, and minimal operations cost, both Ahmedabad and Kolkata are solidifying their position as emerging tech hubs in India.

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By Vishal Bhardwaj

Chief Digital Transformation