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The best workplaces are no accident rather the result of visionary leadership />

The Best Workplaces Are No Accident, Rather The Result Of Visionary Leadership

The best workplaces are no accident rather the result of visionary leadership              
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By Taggd Editorial Team

April 5, 2022


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The best workplaces are no accident, rather the result of visionary leadership

The dynamics of the talent market have evolved significantly in the last year, owing to the ongoing talent war and palpable skills gaps. Employees today hold greater sway over negotiations with employers and there’s much more at the negotiation table than just compensation. The workforce is now also keen on learning about the work culture, perks and benefits, work flexibility, growth plans, and wellness initiatives that employers have to offer. For employers, the employee engagement mandate has grown beyond team building efforts and must, now, reflect in every employee interaction and offering.  

This cohort of employee aspirations is burgeoning and HR leaders must rise to the occasion by building a visionary employer brand that fulfills employee expectations. Through our annual survey, Best Companies To Work For, in partnership with Business Today, we aim to help HR leaders craft such a brand, one that bridges the gap between employee sentiments and organizational offerings.  

For almost two decades, this survey has been bringing out not just the top 25 listing of the best companies to work for, but also the perceptions and aspirations of India’s workforce. This year, too, we continue the endeavor with new insights and knowledge about the evolution of industry and people. 

How flexible are you?

Over the two years, our world has been reshaped at breakneck speeds due to shifting attitudes about work. Rapidly changing work schedules have led many people to evaluate their priorities and make big changes in order to redefine productivity.  

If there was one thing the workforce wanted the most last year, it was people care. Focus on people growth initiatives and nurturing employee well-being emerged as a critical factor in evaluating an organization. As we witness a transition from on-site work to remote and hybrid models, an organization’s intent of ‘Going Beyond Business’ becomes an undoubted advantage. According to this year’s survey results, clarity of company goals and well-drafted growth and learning opportunities continue to be the top 2 influencing factors that add to the appeal of an organization as a Best Company To Work For, while the growing need for flexibility at work is the new driver that matters the most to today’s workforce.  

Today, the employees are cognizant of what they want from their career and have a clear laid-out roadmap. They have become more aware of the industry norms and best practices and are interested in personalized workspaces that understand their requirements to grow in tandem with one another. Therefore, it becomes imperative for HR leaders to manage employer-employee relations by aligning respondent’s perceptions and aspirations. 

Change is inevitable, but preparedness is irrefutable

As companies continue to explore the post-pandemic workplaces and best practices, one thing is definitely here to stay – the coexistence of various formats of work, be it hybrid, remote, or work from office. We asked people questions about their preferred type of work, the results mirrored a hopeful indication of an agile workplace. As our survey reveals, more than one-third (36%) of Indian employees prefer the hybrid work model, which involves working from the office premises for some days and working from home for the other, whereas another 36% prefer to work from the office premises.   

With safety measures in place, flexible working hours, renewed leave policies, intuitive digital tools, and a whole lot of heart, leaders of corporate India are empowering a new way of work, harnessing means of interaction and engagement that inspire action. The Best Companies To Work For 2022 scored high on People Growth and Well-being initiatives. It reflects that these organizations not only understand the changing needs of the workforce but take active measures to keep up with the change. Employee wellbeing has emerged as a one of the key focus areas for employees. It includes focus on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of employees, along with workload management and flexibility. Given the backdrop of the COVID pandemic and the growing emphasis on employee health and safety, employers are stepping up to cater to this expectation.  

As we welcome new avenues for digital acceleration in the coming year, employees desire a wholesome “workspace”. Businesses can leverage these insights to map their employer branding to the aspirations of the Indian workforce. 

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By Devashish Sharma

Founding Member And President