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Guide  Tips to grow in your dotnet .net career />

Guide: Tips to grow in your dotnet (.net) career

Guide  Tips to grow in your dotnet .net career              
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By Taggd Editorial Team

June 10, 2022


1 min read

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As a highly in-demand requirement for career professionals, dotnet (.net) is a domain that is increasing in importance with each passing day. Today, dotnet (.net) is adopted by most companies in India for software development, making it a highly sought-after skill to possess.  

In this session of Career Circle, Taggd’s Chief Digital Transformation Head, Mr Vishal Bharadwaj, took the initiative of having a riveting conversation with industry experts, Mr Neeraj Persai, Microsoft Practice (Digital Apps), Wipro, and Ms Srishti Lal, Head of  talent acquisition for Wipro Technologies to understand what companies like Wipro look for while sourcing talent and hire candidates for job, at junior and senior-level positions, in the dotnet (.net) space.  

You can also watch the session here.

Dotnet (.net)’s Role in India’s IT Industry

As part of the dotnet (.net) industry, we are constantly coming up with new patterns and practices to execute projects efficiently. In this regard, technical qualities and capabilities are essential - not just from the perspective of the existing talent community, but also an understanding of its potential. Companies like Wipro are highly focused on resource grooming - this helps candidates understand, assess, and learn. So, we are here to help people understand the space dotnet (.net) is headed, and the challenges associated therewith. In terms of hiring professionals, some of the main hurdles lie in evaluating how well a candidate knows their fundamentals, and how ready they are to take on an evolving role in this space.

What are some basics a candidate should know for a dotnet (.net) interview?

When we screen candidates for jobs in the dotnet (.net) space, we thoroughly examine people’s attitudes. A person’s attitude towards technology, how they understand the overall requirement, and their business perspective, is highly key. We look for people from a talent community who try to achieve a holistic requirement implementation. Secondly, we also evaluate how effectively a person undertakes problem-solving, which means that individuals should ideally be keen on doing more analysis which helps them come up with more problems and, therefore, apply more skills. Finally, we also look for the thirst to be technically proficient - so if a person is constantly learning new things and adapting those into their implementation, they will have the upper hand over their peers.


In a constantly developing world, it is important for dotnet (.net) professionals to upskill, understand an organisation’s culture, and contribute to it in a dynamic manner. Since learning is a continuous exercise, employers focus on IT by hiring professionals from a talent community that indulges in upskilling. You can find dotnet (.net) opportunities at Wipro Technologies, at multiple locations across India here. You can also Join Career Circles so you can find the latest updates and insights to help you elevate your profession!  

By Vishal Bhardwaj

Chief Digital Transformation