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The Process Behind Ramping Up IT Hiring For An AI-First Digital Engineering Company

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By Taggd Editorial Team

August 18, 2022


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Recruiting a large pool of qualified IT talent on an urgent basis can be fiercely challenging. While designing a scalable hiring solution to meet such immediate talent acquisition goals might sound ambitious, it is achievable.

We, at Taggd, demonstrated this when we successfully deployed an end-to-end recruitment solution for one of our IT clients looking to ramp up their presence in India.

Discover how Taggd #MadeADifference in the talent acquisition process and assisted the IT major in meeting 100% of its target.

The Job at Hand

In an ever-evolving IT industry with growing talent needs, the demand for proficient IT professionals is rapidly rising. Often, these requirements are to be met urgently, as was the case this time around with our client.

An AI-first digital engineering company, the client, was targeting to grow their IT team by 2x on a mission-mode basis.

Below is a summary of the task that was cut out for us by the client:

  • Increase team strength by a minimum 2x ratio across two locations in India within four quarters, with a detailed analysis and recommendation for establishing operations in another location.
  • 80% talent acquisition was mandated to be completed within the first two quarters. Moreover, the client wanted candidates from only 2-3 specific locations in India.
  • The requirement was for skilled candidates with proficiency in advanced IT skills like DevOps, full-stack development, cloud skills and data engineering.

Here are the key challenges that we faced while implementing this solution:

    • Scarcity of IT talent: While the client was receptive for hiring and recruitment of the candidates from any location during the pandemic’s peak as WFH was the norm, slowly as offices opened, the mandate to hire for only three specific locations severely narrowed the talent pool.
    • Hiring on an immediate basis: Recruitment is an inherently time consuming process and finding candidates with the right set of these advanced skills on an urgent basis was a complex challenge.

The Hiring Process

The time-sensitive hiring mandate required us to implement a unique customized solution that focused on candidate targeting and ensuring minimum offer drop-outs. Here are some key points of our process in brief:

  • To find the right IT talent on an urgent basis, we implemented a deep targeting strategy to ensure a high-quality candidate pool comprising mainly of people on their notice period.
  • Devised a multi-tier, multi-group interview panel for ensuring maximum utilization of client’s panel time and meeting the predetermined deadlines.
  • Implemented a dedicated engagement strategy with multiple check-in rounds.

A Successful Outcome


These are key, but just some points of the hiring solution we implemented for our client. To read the detailed case study, click here.

By Anshuman Srivastava

Chief Customer Success