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How Taggd Optimized the Recruitment Cycle of a Multinational Chemical Company

The client sought Taggd’s help to review their recruitment process and identify hiring cycle gaps that can help them reduce the overall recruitment time. Being an established company looking to scale up their efficiencies, they needed a holistic solution that not only reduces the time taken to fill positions but also provides better results in terms of quality of hire and candidate experience.

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About the company

Our client is an Indian Multinational integrated chemicals company that serves over 4,000 customers across 30 industries worldwide and has subsidiaries in the USA, UK, China, Brazil and the United Aram Emirates. The company is ISO 14001 certified leverages state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the safety and treatment of gaseous, liquid, and solid products.

Segment: Chemicals
Industry: Company
Employee Strength: 5,000+

The Impact


  • Time Consuming Process- Company's hiring processes and patterns revealed the company was investing about 800 hours to hire 100 candidates, with an average of 4 weeks to complete the onboarding process of each candidate.
  • Client's hiring process faced multiple delays at each stage of the hiring process while dealing with a large volume of applications from multiple sources.
  • The company heavily relied on a manual screening process for candidates and suffered from a lack of standardization in the recruitment process.

Our Intervention:

  • Detailed engagement protocols were initiated by Taggd to avoid drop-outs.
  • Taggd leveraged its well-established recruitment channel partners to ensure that job postings were seen by the right people and filled in time.

Key Highlights

  • Reduced time-to-fill 100 candidates to from 800 hours to 500 hours.
  • Cost Effective- Taggd managed to improve the efficiency of the company’s recruitment cycle by 25%.
  • Improved candidate experience

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