Innovating talent acquisition to efficiently hire skilled tech talent for global IT major

With the massive shift to digital working came a wave of hiring for tech roles, making the battle for tech talent more intense. The company was witnessing high dropouts of candidates as were most organizations in this sector. The high dropouts led to a significant amount of repeat effort required to acquire the desired talent, thus resulting in longer time to fill and higher cost per hire.

Find out how Taggd improved efficiency and #MadeADifference in the talent acquisition process and helped the IT major onboard quality tech talent on time to meet the growing business needs.

At lightning speed: Right way to start-up hiring

Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery company. Since its inception in 2014, Swiggy has loped to pave its way to be at the top of ‘Unicorn’ startups. It has partnered with 50,000+ restaurants and processes around 25 million orders a month across 50+ cities with about 12,000 delivery partners. Their plan to expand the business has led to an increase in human resource needs, with about 377 positions to be filled in 35+ locations across India in 4 months.

Building and expanding a strong sales network in India for one of the top multi-national pharmaceutical companies

The customer, henceforth referred to as ‘the Company’, a top multinational pharmaceutical company, wanted to build and expand a strong sales team in India. They wanted to build their talent pipeline through 500+ annual hires PAN-India for Frontline Sales Roles. From the outset, they wanted to create this pipeline using end-to-end digital hiring solutions for their core and transactional recruitment services without having to compromise on the candidate experience.

How Oyo Rooms experienced big lift in hiring metrics

OYO Rooms, India’s largest hospitality company which operates in more than 6 countries in Asia with more than 8,500 hotels in 230 cities, was looking for an efficient and tightly controlled Talent Acquisition and Retention strategy to generate stronger financial metrics and increased productivity.

Employer Brand Building for Covance

Covance, the world’s most comprehensive drug development and clinical research organization wanted to build and expand a strong delivery center in India. They wanted to build their talent pipeline by recruiting candidates for 1,100+ positions across 100+ diverse roles. They wanted to create this pipeline through end-to-end digital hiring solution for core and transactional recruitment services, without compromising on the exceptional candidate experience