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India Skills report 2014

India has one the largest employable population in the world. However, in the glitz and glamour of these numbers, one often chooses to ignore that in today’s era of knowledge based economy, quality of workforce is more important than quantity. India is rushing towards a manpower situation whose larger portion is unemployable and this is one of the biggest challenges that we as a nation are ever going to face. 

Sincere efforts to ensure partnership between the source of skills and their destination are a must. Hence, it is imperative to educate them about each other’s expectations so that informed plans for future can be prepared. This report is an effort towards that goal. It captures the skill levels of the supply side and needs of the demand side of Talent Supply Chain. You can check insights from ISR 2015 report.

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Sneak Peak of ISR 2014

Did You know

  • Engineers and Pharmaceutical executives are the most employable candidates

  • Hospitality and Engineering sectors dominate the hiring trends

  • Three States with the maximum supply of employable talent
    Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi contribute the most to the nation’s eligible workforce

  • Job Portals dominate as the most preferred sourcing channel

How can this report help you


Can plan their careers based on insights gained on he demand of the talent, in which sectors etc.


They can plan their future talent acquisition plans based on the insights gained on supply of the talent.

Key Contributors

Saurabh Govil

Senior Vice President

Prabir Jha

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Leaders Speak

Mr. Saurabh Govil

Sr. VP

Demand-Supply gap for talent has been a challenge for some time now. In the IT sector, despite various corporate initiatives, availability of ready talent is a problem. A lot of time and investment is done to get the students to be ready to deliver.


Devesh Srivastava

Sr. Vice President - Group HR

Education factories match demand & supply by producing qualified people, though skills have taken a back seat. Corporate needs Skills of Quality, Productivity and Sustainability. Only aspirants without skills are creating a huge talent shortage especially in niche markets like Pharma & Bio tech.

Teva Group

Mr. Prabir Jha

Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

Shortage of skilled workforce is an identified problem area for quite some time now. I feel we need to understand challenges of skill reservoir & take focused steps, to ensure constant skill supply.

Tata Motors Limited

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