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India Skills Report 2015

India has witnessed significant changes in the year 2014 as the economy started its journey on the road of development. With Government’s focus towards both job generation and skill development, the country’s move to reap the “Demographic Dividend” by 2020 has begun with confident steps. With the transformation in employment exchanges, and the emphasis being laid on job creation and entrepreneurship, there is the need of a joint effort from various stakeholders in the skill landscape to implement these plans.

India Skills Report is an endeavour to combine data collected from the supply and demand side to form the basis of effective collaboration between the two ends of the Talent Supply chain. On one hand, it aims to equip the talent pool with information to access the jobs in the market, on the other, to provide the employers access to the skill reservoir of the country. You can check insights of last year’s ISR 2014 report.

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Sneak Peak

  • Hospitality, conglomerates and core sectors looking at a surge in hiring

  • Internal referrals replace job portals as the most preferred sourcing channel

  • Three States with the Most Attractive Talent
    Delhi, Orissa, and Uttar Pradesh have the highest employable population

  • Soft skills desired by employers

How can this report help you


Can plan their careers based on insights gained on he demand of the talent, in which sectors etc.


They can plan their future talent acquisition plans based on the insights gained on supply of the talent.

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