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India Skills report 2017

India has a population of over 1.2 billion, almost half of which are already eligible to work, and yet there are so many jobs which remain unfilled in the absence of right candidate. Employers and the government alike have taken significant strides in bridging this chasm which exists between candidate skillsets and industry requirements, however there is still some way to go.

India Skills Report 2017 is an effort that aims to support this initiative; by providing a stock of the talent landscape of India and supporting in charting the future direction of matchmaking. It captures the various initiatives taken by the government, the challenges and the impact on economy growth, skill levels of the supply side and the needs of the demand side of the Talent Supply chain. You can check insights of last year’s ISR 2016 report.

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Sneak Peak of ISR 2017

Did You know

  • High growth in Positive Hiring Intent

  • Women empowerment creating more avenues for job creation

  • Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal emerge as the top states for employable talent

  • Internal referrals, Job Portals, and consultants dominate sourcing channels

How can this report help you


Can plan their careers based on insights gained on he demand of the talent, in which sectors etc.


They can plan their future talent acquisition plans based on the insights gained on supply of the talent.

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