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The Future of Jobs: Here’s What You Need to Know

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2022 to see 31% hiring spike on boost from talent in smaller cities: Taggd study

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India Inc expects hiring to witness 31% growth in 2022, says Decoding Jobs Industry Sectoral Reports 2022

The Decoding Jobs Industry: India Inc Expects Hiring to Witness 31% Growth in 2022

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What leading HR heads say about landing your dream job during the coronavirus pandemic

Upskilling to the industry standards and communication have gained prominence for recruiters. Companies are focussing more on the candidate's self development initiatives.

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Pharma, life sciences companies scale up hiring as production increases

The pharma industry continues to beat the Covid blues. Seventy percent of the hiring is in sales, followed by manufacturing and support roles

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Lockdown led to 30% surge in resumes from job seekers: Recruitment firms

Professionals are proactively looking out for new positions as their companies are taking the restructuring route, either through complete layoffs or conversion to a gig workforce. This has made the job of recruiting companies easier as compared to pre lockdown times.

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White-collar jobs and that sinking feeling

As the pain from covid-19 intensifies, the higher layers of India’s job pyramid are facing the heat. Moreover, as variable pay disappears, a few organizations are delaying a part of their fixed compensation and transforming into a gig workforce.

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Cautious hiring for India Inc in 2020: Report

Insights of India Skills 2020 Report by Taggd, CII & Wheebox

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