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Super 10 Talent Acquisition Specialists Report

After phenomenal response in the first year, Decoding Jobs The TA Super10 is back with its 2nd edition. This is an initiative by talent leaders to reward and recognize the top talent acquisition specialists from across the nation who have made a significant difference in hiring talent and have especially contributed to their organizations during the upheaval of this past year.

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Did You Know

The #TASUPER10 winners were felicitated in the presence of 600+ live attendees creating waves in the industry.

Sneak Peak

Over 200+ recruiters participated, 10 winners and 9 diverse judges including CHROS, CEOs and venture capitalists.

Celebrating outstanding work done by recruiters in 2021. The winners were the types of recruiters/talent acquisition professionals that remained vigilant and responded to changing market demands.

Top skills in demand:

  • Reinvented sourcing to deliver quality hires.

  • Transformed a process change that led to cost efficiency.

  • Drove high volume ramp-ups in a time crunch.

  • Built a network of trust with engagement.

  • Successfully drove multiple facets of talent acquisition to drive direct business impact.

Abhijit Bhaduri

Founder & CEO, Abhijit Bhaduri & Associates

Asha Krishnan

Operating Director, General Atlantic

Anuranjita Kumar

Founder and CEO, WiT-ACE

Dr Nishant Chandra

Sr. Director (Data Products), Visa

Madhavi Lall

CHRO, Deutsche Bank

Rajiv Bhalla

Managing Director, Barco India

Pratap Samuel

President, Honeywell India

Sakaar Anand

India Head and Head of HR, BMC Software

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