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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Taggd Over Global RPO Companies

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By Taggd Editorial Team

April 13, 2023


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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has gained massive traction in recent years, with the sector posting a 17% annual growth rate. Despite the presence of RPO companies for over 20 years, the true USP of RPO services in terms of scaling quality workforces in a structured and quick manner has been truly leveraged by India Inc only in the past few years.

Companies of all sizes, especially in the IT sector, have begun recognizing RPO’s advantages to their recruitment process to fulfill their hiring goals, hire fast, and reduce attrition rates. The Indian RPO market comprises several global players and the general perception often sides with global players over Indian players, the common reason being that global RPOs come with more experience owing to their established global presence. We respectfully disagree.

Taggd has been at the forefront of the RPO industry in India for several years now, and has helped Indian as well as offshore companies set up strong workforces in India.

What Makes Taggd the Right Choice Over Global RPO Companies?

The services of RPO companies extend beyond merely recruiting candidates. They act as strategic talent acquisition partners who help build a high-performing and resilient workforce, while navigating the tricky waters of ever-evolving employee preferences and changing industry dynamics.

Taggd holds a distinct advantage over global RPO providers with its deep understanding of the Indian talent pool and the job market. Previously operating under the banner of PeopleStrong, the company has been in business since 2005 and occupied nearly 15% of India’s RPO market share in 2019.

Industry Expertise

Taggd has been the preferred partner of several Fortune 500 companies in creating high-impact workforces across 14+ industries, including IT, automobile, pharmaceuticals, and BFSI. Our team comprises recruitment veterans who have hands-on knowledge about the nature and scope of jobs in each industry which enables quicker and more informed decision-making.

At Taggd, we believe that hiring right has a lot to do with predicting market movements and evolving employee preferences much before they become trends. To accomplish this, we prioritize market research and data collection through a string of initiatives, such as:

  1. Decoding Jobs Report,
  2. Best Companies to Work For survey,
  3. India Skills Report
  4. Career Circles panel discussions , and
  5. Regular conclaves and meet-ups, that involve the participation of government representatives, policymakers, premier educational institutes, business leaders, and the workforce too.

Understand the Nuances

With an extensive knowledge of the jobs markets, Taggd can provide the best possible intel on where employers should look for potential candidates. We understand the nuances and dynamics of hiring in India, from cultural differences to pay expectations and changing industry trends. This ensures we are better placed to make decisions and compensation recommendations for our clients. Being solely focused on recruiting in India, we are better placed to provide more customized and detailed assistance to clients than global RPOs.

Structured Talent Pool and Network

Taggd leverages machine learning to provide a structured talent pool database, allowing employers to compare and filter candidates instantly. Presently consisting of 1 million active candidate profiles, the database streamlines the hiring process by 70% compared to traditional recruitment methods, enabling companies to make more informed decisions.

Taggd also offers access to industry-specific talent acquisition leaders and consultants to navigate complex hiring scenarios. We have established strong networks of 100+ employers, industry leaders, job boards, and assessment partners in the country and provide employers with an unparalleled level of convenience in finding the right candidates for their organization.


Companies often hit a speed breaker when it comes to scaling up the hiring volumes or setting up offices in a new state or city. That’s where seasoned RPO firms can come to their rescue. With its proprietary pool of verified candidates whom you can evaluate within a short TAT, Taggd can help you meet your hiring targets within quicker TATs as compared to global RPOs.

Going the Extra Mile

Taggd’s cutting-edge digital recruitment platform makes it easier for hiring managers to quickly identify job-ready talent for any position, alleviating the need to sift through hundreds of resumes and eliminating delays in the hiring process.

Taggd’s T-Score simplifies the recruitment process by standardizing candidate profiles and maps important criteria, such as qualifications, skills, behavior and cognitive abilities. Its algorithm ensures uniformity in structure and reduces bias for a fair evaluation of each applicant. This helps recruiters compare applications efficiently.

Taggd’s exclusive Career Circles community connects professionals with the latest industry trends and each other. Build meaningful relationships based on career field or job role, and access a vast talent pool to stay ahead of global RPOs.

For Taggd, Hiring is Beyond Incidental

Investing in the right RPO can have a massive impact on the trajectory of your business. Taggd can help you unlock your organization’s potential by creating a workforce that is ready and motivated to contribute to your company’s growth goals.

In addition to offering extensive market insights, a vast network of ready-to-hire candidates, access to some of the brightest minds in recruiting, competitive rates, and nurturing a talent database through strong community engagement, what differentiates Taggd is its strong on-ground understanding of the Indian job markets.

We strongly believe in the Indian growth story, and are committed to further strengthening our presence in the Indian market by fulfilling 1 million jobs by 2025 .

To speak to our recruitment experts, fill this form and you’ll hear from us soon.

By Anshuman Srivastava

Chief Customer Success