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Finding The Right Match: Taggd’s Unique Approach To Recruitment

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By Taggd Editorial Team

November 15, 2022


2 min read

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In this hyper-competitive hiring landscape, it can take a lot of work to keep up with the latest job trends and succeed in finding talent. Be it understanding the ever-evolving candidate aspirations, finding the right talent pool, pitching the correct company image, or, knowing which recruiting tactics work best for your industry– the list goes on.

Staying ahead of the curve is not an edge anymore; it’s an underlining necessity. A well-designed recruitment process is vital for both employers and candidates.

Finding the right candidate for the job is paramount for maintaining the quality of hire and, consequently– the company’s top and bottom lines. On the other hand, an end-to-end recruitment process not only ensures maximum hiring efficiency but also guarantees a fulfilling candidate experience by communicating the company’s culture and role expectations in a transparent manner from the get-go.

Given the complexity and nuances involved in recruitment, it’s best to collaborate with specialists. Taggd’s been in the thick of white-collar hiring across 14+ industries and has established itself as a prominent name in the RPO space in India. But, what’s the recipe that helps us find the right match for you?

The Taggd Way of Finding the Right Candidates

Taggd is a cutting-edge Human x AI-powered platform that is changing the way of recruitment. We believe in finding candidates and matching them with the right job and company. Our unique approach takes into account a variety of factors to ensure both are satisfied with the outcome.

For employers, Taggd offers access to a vast pool of talent to hire candidates for jobs. We also provide valuable insights into the latest trends in the job market, be it in auto or IT hiring, that helps you maintain your competitive edge while hiring quality talent in such highly-cannibalized markets.

For candidates, this means having access to exclusive jobs that match their skills and goals. Taggd also offers an enriched profile that contains interview feedback, assessments, video resume, identity checks, and more. These features are also beneficial for passive candidates to stand out from the crowd and make them more noticeable to potential employers.

In addition, our Taggd Score Model evaluates a candidate’s skills, experience, and suitability for a particular role. This allows talent acquisition teams to filter profiles and hire candidates faster.

What makes us a unique recruitment platform and how to find candidates for jobs?

  • We provide AI-powered stack ranking to help you find the best match 50% faster.
  • A fair evaluation of all the candidates for a diverse and unbiased workforce.
  • Easily downloadable candidate profiles that are comprehensive and verified.
  • Employers get a 360° profile view and 70% improved candidate data sufficiency.
  • Employers get a 360° profile view and 70% improved candidate data sufficiency.

For candidates, we offer the following:

  • Transparency in every step of the recruitment process.
  • Suitable job recommendations based on candidate profile.
  • Taggd Candidate Enriched Profile curated for every individual.
  • Comprehensive feedback to candidates on their suitability for a particular job.
  • The Career Circle Community for industry insights and facilitate career growth.

Given its rich background in the hiring industry, Taggd has grown to be one of the top recruiting companies in India. We help companies in optimizing hiring resources and in recruiting talent by providing them access to promising and potential candidates from a pool of 1 million+ candidates.

We have taken AI hiring to the next level — changing how companies hire talent by making the process more efficient, transparent and engaging.

With expertise in 14+ industries and an experience in dealing with over 100 clients, Taggd can serve as the answer for your end-to-end recruitment needs.

By Anshuman Srivastava

Chief Customer Success