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IT Sectoral Report 2020

The Information Technology sector is a formidable force powering the Indian economy. Owing to the growing technological demand of industries and increasing adoption by consumer base, the IT sector is expected to grow to $ 350 billion in value and create up to 3 million additional jobs by 2025. Domestic as well as international integration of IT services has opened up a plethora of opportunities for the industry to pursue, and infrastructure for new age technologies has gained prominence. 

Upon surveying hundreds of Business and Talent leaders through primary survey and exhaustive conversations, we have prepared a comprehensive report to help you flourish in the constantly changing environment.

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Recovery and uptick in hiring

The IT industry has faced many challenges in the last few years. Not only did they face a stoppage of production during the pandemic, but the sector also experienced structural headwinds. However, the sector is seeing recovery and an uptick in hiring.

Sneak Peak of Decoding Jobs Sectorial Report

IT Sector’s hiring intent: 40% Positive

The high attrition rate of 15-20% in the industry has encouraged employers to experiment with gig workforce which constitutes 6-8% of the sector.

top skills in demand

New age technologies like Angular, Cloud (AWS), SDFC, Liferay, and J2EE are sought after by employers.

  • Data Analyst & Scientist

  • Cloud Computing

  • Machine Learning, Mobility

  • Network Engineering

  • Cyber Security

Leaders Speak

Gautam Kar

Head- Talent Acquisition

New skills coming up in IT industry are digital analytics, artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning.

Wipro Limited

Srikanth Karra

Chief Human Resources Officer

The exploding and ever-changing technology landscape has put premium on new age skills which are radically different from what it was a few years back, thereby creating a demand supply gap.


Key Contributors

Gautam Kar

Head- Talent Acquisition

Kannika Sagar

Chief People Officer

Maninder Kapoor Puri

Group Chief People Officer

Saurabh Govil

President & Chief Human Resources Officer

Srikanth Karra

Chief Human Resources Officer

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