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IT Sectoral Report 2021

Jobs have been a big casualty of the Covid-19 pandemic. But even in this environment, some sectors are doing much better than others. Indian IT services sector has demonstrated its resilience and ability to make hay even when the sun isn’t shining, yet again during the current crisis. But will the sector continue to significantly add to its existing large and strong workforce every year?

To help you adapt and align the workforce with the changing business scenarios, we surveyed hundreds of Business and Talent leaders through primary surveys and exhaustive conversations. Download the Decoding Jobs Sectoral Dossier to learn more about the jobs and hiring landscape of GICs for 2021.

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Did you know

The IT sector employs over 4.6 million people of the 100 million organized workforces.

Sneak Peak

IT Sector’s hiring intent: 80% Positive

The manufacturing sector is expected to witness a growth of 33% in hiring in 2021 from last year after a sharp pandemic-induced decline of -36% in 2020.

Top skills in demand

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Cyber Security

  • Time Management and Accountability

  • Design Thinking

  • Service Orientation

  • Analytics

Leaders Speak

Kameshwari Rao


As companies seek to digitally transform themselves today, they are looking at the tech industry to not just modernize their systems but help them find new ways to deliver value to their consumers. Software engineers need to also develop a consultative and problem-solving mindset, so that they can work in networked teams with a level of independence and empowerment to take decisions.

Publicis Sapient

Megha Gupta

Director HR

Technology advancements are expected to accelerate across businesses. 63% of the current job that people are currently doing will be replaced by technology. Today’s talent force needs to be reskilled to adopt more cognitive skills


Pradipta Banerjee


The pandemic has had a different impact in different parts of the world and hence strategy based on local leadership and experience helped us through the crisis.

CGI Information Systems & Management Consultants

Key Contributors

Kameshwari Rao


Megha Gupta

Director HR

Mohini Palchowdhury

Head HR

Monika Singh

Head HR

Paneesh Rao


Pradipta Banerjee


Rajiv Naithani


Sameer Bendre

Chief People Officer

Tushar Desai

Director Talent Acquisition

Vishal Manchanda


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